How Vaibhav Laxmi Chowki can ensure prosperity in your life

By: Future Point | 24-Oct-2018
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How Vaibhav Laxmi Chowki can ensure prosperity in your life

Vaibhav Lakshmi Yantra is the other name of Shri yantra which welcomes prosperity in the house. It is said that Shri Yantra is associated with goddess Laxmi and the repository of her grace and poise. Goddess Laxmi is a goddess of wealth as per the Hindu mythology and it is said that she always comes to rescue her devotees who offer their heartfelt devotion to her. Keeping a Shri Yantra at your house will protect you from the outer harms and ward off the evil eye.

Importance of Vaibhav Laxmi Chowki

  • When you possess a Sri Yantra, no spiteful relatives can harm you by their vicious means because it becomes an absolute protector of you and your loved ones. Vaibhav Laxmi yantra or Shri Yantra is highly coveted by those who run their business and ardent devotees of goddess Laxmi. Sri Yantra is to be purified before the usage and only a renowned and experienced astrologer can do the same.
  • The Vaibhav Laxmi yantra is designed to give extra power to goddess Laxmi. The power of holy Shri Yantra is consolidated with the images of ‘Asthalaxmi and an idol of goddess Laxmi. The name Shri yantra means auspicious as 'Sri' means the same according to the Hindu religion, whilst 'Yantra' means the instrument. A Shri Yantra is the ‘Instrument of Wealth’ which is a must-have in your house.
  • You can get freedom from all your life problems if you have a Shri Yantra at home but you have to make sure a continuous use of it, so that you could yield out the maximum output. When you worship the Astha Vaibhav Laxmi Yantra, you get rid of all the worries, depression, obstacles, anxiety and depression that had been plaguing your confidence for quite some time.

How does Shri Yantra work?

Astha Vaibhav Laxmi Yantra is the one-stop solution to almost each of your life problems. It also eradicates all sorts of negativity and elicits grace. It attracts particular cosmic ray waves which are instrumental behind the prosperity of your life. When you have a Shri Yantra in your house, it will bring you materialistic growth as well as spiritual growth too. There will be no dearth of harmony, beauty, and knowledge in your house if you start worshipping Shri Yantra. The Sri Yantra works to cast off all the negative energies from your surroundings and blesses the worshipper with fame, power, financial growth, and mental peace. It destroys all the negative forces from the vicinity. You may be surprised to know that Shri yantra possesses the power of many temples so you can already guess the gamut of positive energies it will bring in your house and safeguard your loved ones too. There is a saying that a mere darshan of this chowki is highly auspicious too. So, whenever you are leaving home for work, you can do Darshana of the chowki and your day will be spent well.

What do the scriptures say about Sri Yantra?

Here is a mantra for you to purify and energize the Shri Yantra-

‘Mahashodashdanani Kritwa Yeh Labhatey Phalam,
Tatphalam Sheeghramapnoti Kritwa Srichakradarshanam.
Sardhatikotiteertheshu Snatwa Yatphalmashnutey,
Labhatey Tatphalam Sakrit kritwa Shri yantraDarshanam.’

कृतवा ये लभते फलम्,
तत्फलम् शीघरामाप्नोति कृत्वा श्रीचक्रदर्शनम्।
सरधतिकोटिर्थेशु स्नत्वा यत्फलमश्नुते,
लभते तत्फलम् सकृत कृत्वा श्री यंत्रदर्शनम्।


‘Om Lalitadevyai Namah’ Or ‘Om Mahalaxmyai Namah’
‘ॐ ललितदेव्यै नमः’ और ‘ॐ महालष्मीए नमः’

This is the mantra derived from the scriptures which are required to purify the Shri yantra before placing it in your house. In case if you are aware of the religious rites to be performed to purify a Shri yantra, you need to chant this mantra to evoke the positive energy of the goddess Laxmi in your life so that there are no negativities in your life again. You will breed many green-eyed monsters around you by radiating mental peace, leading a prosperous life and will definitely land in the talking point. What is really surprising that the evil eye that will be cast by those green-eyed monsters will bear no harm in your life and their vicious means to destroy you will be knocked down by their face with the spiritual power of this Yantra.

The aforesaid two mantras are your savior from the negative energies that you have so far absorbed and nothing seemed to work for you. There was a reason behind your delusion and disappointment; it was because you could not reap the desired benefit of your efforts. With the help of Shri yantra, you turn around your luck as your hard work will pay off it paves the way for success.

When you chant Srisuktam, Laxmisuktam, Saudaryalahiri, Lalitasahastranaam, Lalitatrishati, etc daily, you will make goddess Laxmi a permanent member in your house and her presence will only elevate your lifestyle standards.

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