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How Does Astrology Decodes Child Education?

By: Future Point | 23-Oct-2023
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How Does Astrology Decodes Child Education?

Education is a phenomenally crucial domain of a person’s life and lays the very foundation of the quality of life that the person will eventually lead.

In order to ensure that their child prospers in his/her life, parents must facilitate the best possible Child Education for their child. The parents must understand that in order to succeed academically, their child needs to channelize & focus his/her mind towards the academic fields that are poised to deliver a truly rewarding education to him/her.

But how to know which stream of education is best suited for maximum success & growth in life?

Well, Astrology is an ancient occult science that reveals what the planets as per their placement in an individual’s kundali or horoscope, signify for various domains of his/her life (including education) and how that individual can factor this invaluable information to chart such a course in life that would ensure minimum friction and maximum success all along!

Remember, it is not just our hard work that pays well but it is our efforts in the right direction that yields the most rewarding results in various aspects of our lives and child education is no different. 

Parents must take the help of Astrology to correctly identify the academic avenues that are most promising for their child and thereafter encourage their child to pursue them with complete discipline & absolute dedication. 

Directionless hard work by a student can lead to academic disappointment and loss of interest in studies, therefore it is the duty of parents to know what the planetary bodies are signifying for the educational aspect of their child’s life and then facilitate the child’s academic journey that would in time, fructify into a prosperous career or professional life resulting in success, growth, wealth & abundance in the child’s life.

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How does an Astrologer decipher the Educational Aspect of one’s life?  

Child Education or for that matter the educational trajectory in the entire academic life of a student can be successfully deciphered by applying the principles of Astrology upon the horoscope of a student.

An astrologer while analyzing the educational aspect of an individual’s life starts off by looking at the Ascendant Sign of the individual’s horoscope. 

The Ascendant reveals the overall personality of an individual which is very helpful in determining that individual’s areas of interests and hence narrows down on the educational streams that would eventually lead that individual to carve out a rewarding & fulfilling career in his/her life ahead.

Talk to an Astrologer to know what your child’s Ascendant Sign is pointing out with respect to his/her favourable stream of education!    

Next, the astrologer looks at what the houses that are fundamentally related to the education domain of life are signifying for the student as per his/her horoscope.

The houses that fundamentally deal with education in a horoscope are 4th (primary education), 5th (comprehensive intelligence) and 9th (higher education). It is important that these houses are positive and strong as well free from the influence of malefic planets. 

It must be noted that the information revealed by the houses related to career & profession is also factored in as the student essentially looks to build a career on his/her acquired education ultimately. 

Apart from this, the current planetary period of operation as well the periods of those planets that remain in operation during the academic life of a student plays a key role in determining the educational trajectory of the student and reveals the fields that the student is poised to gain the maximum from if he/she focuses upon them.

Last but not the least, based on the planetary state in a student’s horoscope, an astrologer suggests powerful remedies to counter any negative planetary influence that is seen creating stumbling blocks in the educational life of the student.

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House Combinations taught affect Education

Remember that the planets primarily give the results of the houses that they signify at various levels.

The house combinations that are good for the educational sphere of a person’s life are:

4th, 9th and 11th: “Maximum Marks in Education”.

5th and 11th: “Above Average Marks”. However, this combination signifies the highest level of “Comprehensive Intelligence”

Combinations that are considered as negative for the education domain of a person’s life are:

3rd and 6th or 3rd and 8th or 3ed and 12th: It signifies little inclination towards studies with frequent hiccups in academic performance.

3rd, 6th and 8th or 3rd, 6th and 12th or 3rd, 8th and 12th or 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th: It signifies no inclination towards studies and failures.    


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When it comes to your child’s education, always take the smart & prudent step of consulting with an astrologer to know what the planets have in store for the educational aspect of your child’s life and how your child can make the best out of it!

Get remedies that are specific to your child’s horoscope having the potential of warding off the negative planetary influences due to ill-placed planets in the horoscope which are the root cause of all problems in life.

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