Houses of the Horoscope

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Houses of the Horoscope

Houses of the Horoscope

Ascendant or Lagna is also called the First House. Second House means second in counting after Lagna, the other Houses are also counted in the same manner from lagna. Every house of the horoscope signifies certain aspects of life which are as under:

First House (Ascendant)

The first house of the horoscope or Kundali represents body, appearance, personality, face, health and character of an individual. It also gives a fair idea about the temperament of the native along with his /her intellectual level.

Longevity of one's life should also be considered from this house. Fortune, honour, dignity and prosperity are also some of the major areas of individual’s life which should be read from 1st house.

Second House (Wealth, Family)

The 2nd house of the horoscope is mainly important to study wealth, family, and speech of the native. Right eye, nail, tongue, nose and teeth are some of the major body parts which 2nd house speak about.

One can also study this house for knowing about a native's ambition, his/her choices of food, imagination and power of observation. One's interest in jewellery, precious stones, unnatural sex, loss by cheating and violence between life partners should also be studied from this house.

Third House (Valour, Co-borns)

The 3rd house is mainly known for Younger brothers and sisters. Cousins, relatives and neighbours are also studied from this house. This house is also known as house of courage because it represents firmness, valour and chest of a person.

Body parts like right ear, hands and nervous system are studied from 3rd house. Short journeys, communication writing - editing books, reporting to newspapers and education are all subjected to 3rd house.

Fourth House (Happiness, Mother)

The source of one's existence 'Mother' is seen from 4th house i.e. is also called Matra Bhava. One's conveyance, relatives and situation of domestic environment is also studied from this house.

An individual's treasure, land, house, education, land and properties are all subjects related to this house, Hereditary tendencies, later portion of life, hidden treasure, private love affairs, interference in married life by parents-in laws and family are all represented by this house.

Fifth House (Progeny, Education)

This house is also known as house of progeny. Subjects like intelligence, fame, position and stomach are considered from 5th house. Love affairs, pleasures amusements and speculation are all predicted from 5th house.

This house helps in study of past birth, soul, position in life and artistic talents. Body parts like heart and back are seen from this house. One's proficiency in games and success in competition are related to 5th house of the horoscope.

Sixth House (Enemy, Sickness)

Various subjects like Disease, debt, disputes, enemies, miseries and injuries are related to 6th house. Relation with Maternal aunt or uncle is also seen from 6th house. Job/service, food, clothes, theft, ill fame, pet animals, subordinates, tenants are all studied from this house. In body 'waist' is represented 6th house.

Seventh House (Spouse)

One of the most important of all the houses is 7th house as it is known to be studied for spouse, marriage, personality of spouse and relations between life partners. Desires, business partnership, open enemies, recovery, journey, litigation and danger to one's life are all predicted through 7th house. Influence in foreign countries and fame including relations between self and public are all maters related to 7th house. Sexual or urinary disease are studied from this house.

Eighth House (Longevity/Death)

It is known as house of longevity. The type and kind of death one is destined to have is indicated from 8th house of the horoscope. Sexual organs, obstacles, accident, unearned wealth, inheritance, legacy, will, insurance, pension and gratuity, theft are all studied from 8th house. Robbery, worries, delay, battles, enemies, inheritance of money, mental affliction and extramarital life are also subjects related to this house.

Ninth House (Luck/Religion)

Known as the house of fortune, the 9th house represents one's religion, character, grandparents, long journeys, grandson, devotion towards elders and God. Spiritual initiation, dreams, higher education are always studied from 9th house. Wife’s younger brother, brother’s wife, visit to holy places, philosophy, communication with spirits are predicted from 9th house.

Tenth House (Profession)

Also known as the Profession or house of father, the 10th house of the horoscope represents fame, power, position, authority, honour, success, status, knees, character, karmas and ambition in life.

Father and fatherly people like guides, employers and superiors are studied from this house. Relationship between self and superiors, success in business, promotion, recognition from government are some of the other subjects related to this house.

Eleventh House (Income/Profit)

All kinds of benefits gains and profits are studied from 11th house. Prosperity, fulfilment of desires, friends, elder brother, ankles, left ear, advisers, favourites, recovery of illness, expectation, son’s wife, wishes, success in undertakings are few of the very important things which is studied from 11th house.

Twelfth House (Expenditure)

Known as the house of loss, the 12th and the last but not the least house of the horoscope represents all kinds of harm, punishment, confinement, expenditure, donations (given) and hospitalization.

Work related to water resorts, Vedic sacrifice, fines paid, sexual enjoyment outside wedlock, contacting sexually transmitted disease, weakness in sexual act, sleeping comforts, enjoying luxuries, loss of spouse, losses in marriage, termination of employment, separation from own people, long journeys, settlement in foreign land are the subjects related to 12th house.

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