Monthly Horoscope Predictions June 2023 for All 12 Ascendant Signs

By: Future Point | 29-May-2023
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Monthly Horoscope Predictions June 2023 for All 12 Ascendant Signs

June 2023 is the halfway mark for this year and some recent planetary transits have charged up the Zodiac Sign quite significantly. Things in everyone’s life are bound to get intense and whether their life would take a turn for the positive or negative depends upon the ‘cumulative’ effects that various planets would cast upon them.

This is clearly the time when people must be ready to either seize the opportunities that come their way or to hedge against the troubles that are brewing down the horizon & might just crop up sooner than later.

So, how would your life pan out? Or in other words- how would the planets in June 2023, affect specific domains of your life?

Well, in order to know in a precise way how the planets are going to impact your life, you must get your personal horoscope thoroughly analyzed by an experienced astrologer. This is simply because there are a lot of astrological permutations & combinations that must be factored in to decipher what the planets have in store for you ,in a detailed & tangible way.

However, in this article/post, we will explore how June 2023 (in an in-general way), will pan out for you based on your Ascendant Sign.

So, without further ado, let us look at the June 2023 Monthly Horoscope Predictions for All 12 Ascendant Signs!


The first three weeks of June 2023 are very favourable for purchasing real estate. Plus, even if you do not go for a home purchase, this is a period during which you will experience a peaceful & soothing time at home. Things will be miraculous for you if you are in a relationship and the last week of June is poised to give you a great time with your loved one. If possible then, avoid taking big decisions related to finances in the last week of the month. The last week is a time to learn or start learning something new that will help you in a big way in the time to come.

Remedy: Visit a Ganesh Temple and offer green fodder to a Cow. 


You will be able to sort out the differences that you have with your siblings. This period is showing strong prospects of buying a house. However, this is a time when you might experience shortage of money as Rahu in the 12th house of your horoscope would tempt you towards wasteful expenditures. Save your money for justified purchases and do not squander it on unnecessary & lavish purchases. There will be challenges in your professional domain but you will get past them with your bold & courageous outlook. Consciously strive to connect with your mother and spend time with her to strengthen the bond that you share with her.

Remedy: Donate books or stationery to needy children.


This is a time to keep quiet and maintain a low profile as much as possible. Do not act impulsively and get into the troubles that would create problems in your near term future. There might be some sudden long distance trip that will take up, perhaps to a spiritual destination. This month will prove to be an expensive one. So, keep your expenditures in check! Your status has been on the rise since last month and will continue to do so till the first week of June. However, caution is warranted to what you speak after the first week till the end of the third week. During the second half of this month, you will feel somewhat lonely. Do not let negative thoughts & emotions overpower your state of mind.

Remedy: Visit a Shani Temple preferably on a Saturday and donate lentils to the needy.


You will deeply introspect the outcome of your recent decisions in the first half of this month. Analyze your current situation and chart well thought out plans for the foreseeable future. Money flow towards you will increase and chances of a long distance or foreign travel are also very much there in this month. You will get angry frequently and this temper of yours will get you in some serious trouble, especially at your workplace. Keep your focus on your priorities. This is a very good time to plan for your old age and chalk out your long term financial goals. 

Remedy: Offer water to a Shiva Linga and put a ‘Tilak’ of Sandalwood on your forehead on a daily basis (if possible) and especially on Mondays.


You will get you the recognition at the workplace that was long overdue. Your social status will also rise this month. In case you are looking for a job then the first week of this month would bring you new opportunities. You can make some new long-term investments or add onto the existing ones. However, make every investment related decision only after performing due diligence on your part as financial decisions taken in haste could result in loss of capital. So be careful on that front. The second week will bring expenses in your life. This is also a period wherein you must formulate a strategy to move forward in life and your goals & desires. The third week is the best time as far as money is concerned.

Remedy: Chant the Hanuman Chalisa daily with a devout heart.


You will get relief from the stress that has been going through for the last few months in your life. Your mind will be inclined towards spirituality in the later part of the month and you are likely to go on a religious or spiritual trip. In the last week of the month you cross a milestone of success. You will also make some changes in your career profile or professional goals for that matter. The first week of the month is very beneficial for you financially. In fact you will enjoy food, family and finance the entire month with your family. There will be some discussion related to property. You will improve your relations not only with your siblings but with some people outside your family as well.

Remedy: Donate money and or resources to an orphanage to ensure divine blessings in your life.


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There are some struggles & challenges being signified in your life especially in your career field. You have to be courageous and take a firm stand on your position and point of view. You will emerge victorious professionally but not before going through challenges. If you are married then you also need to consciously strive to ensure a harmonious relationship with your spouse. New job opportunities are likely to come your way and there will be a rise in your recognition. You will enthusiastically explore new avenues for business during this time. However, do not foray into a business in a hurry and choose your business partner very carefully if you are venturing into a partnership.

Remedy: Get a Rudrabhishek Puja being performed in your name.


This period will bring a rise in your name & position. Your career will keep you focussed as new & potentially rewarding opportunities will come your way. While being absolutely focussed in the professional sphere of your life, you will find time to deepen your spiritual understandings as well. A spiritual retreat or travel to a sacred place is also on the cards. However, this month will be on the expensive side so you better plan your finances well and spend only on avenues or endeavours that are worth spending money on. Do not get carried away with your temptations.

Remedy: Offer food to the needy and recite Hanuman Chalisa wholeheartedly on Tuesdays.


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If you are married then your relationship with your spouse family might become difficult. This is a time when you will feel a lot of stress especially in case you are dealing with inheritance-related issues. However, if you are inclined towards spirituality then the first half of this month could provide you the much needed calm & composure in life. So, be in touch with your inner self specially if you find yourself in tricky or stressful situations. The last week of this month will bring traveling and a big chance to take your career to new heights of success. 

Remedy: Offer Jalabhishek (Water on a Shiva Linga) to Lord Shiva and make an arrangement of offering water to the birds in the balcony/terrace of your house.


The first three weeks of this month will be fantastic for the marital domain of your life. You will bond wonderfully with your spouse and experience great marital bliss & harmony. This month also brings positive news for your career/professional. You will get a big opportunity for growth in your career at your workplace. However, the last week of this month is likely to be quite stressful for you. Having said that, you will get all necessary support from your parents. Remember to support your spouse fully in his/her endeavours.

Remedy: Feed Cows at least on Wednesdays. Also, take a bath by putting a little turmeric in the water on Thursdays.


This is a month of expenditures and you must manage your expenses wisely. Try to spend as much time with your family as possible. Avoid having misunderstandings with your elderly and or superiors at the workplace. The last week of this month warrants proactive efforts on your part to make sure that your equation with your near & dear ones remain healthy & cordial. Success in endeavours related to foreign lands is signified in the last week of the month. Take extra care of your health and follow a diet & exercise routine that is conducive to your health.

Remedy: Donate money or resources to a Cow Shelter (Gaushala).


The first three weeks of this month are great if you are married or are in a love relationship. However, the last week of this month will bring stress and expenses in your life. Your health will also pose challenges for you in the last week. Be careful of what you eat and especially what you drink. Do not take any risk while consuming water as you might contract a water borne disease if you do not take precautions. Avoid getting into confrontations that would add to your stress levels. Be careful while conducting yourself in the professional domain of your life as your harsh words could deteriorate your equation with those who you work with.

Remedy: Donate footwear to the needy.


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So, these were the generalized horoscope predictions for the month of June 2023 for people belonging to all 12 Ascendant Signs.

We would urge you to go for a personal consultation with an experienced astrologer to get your natal horoscope thoroughly analyzed. Know how exactly the planets are shaping up your life and what are the specific remedies as per the planetary positioning in your own horoscope that would help you in a pin-pointed manner to achieve your goals & realize your desires!

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