Good Friday 2019: Significance & its Observance around the world

By: Future Point | 18-Apr-2019
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Good Friday 2019: Significance & its Observance around the world

Good Friday is the Friday that comes before Christian Holiday of Easter, and is remembered around the world and stays put in the hearts of Roman Catholics as the one where their god, Jesus Christ was crucified. They pay their homage to their lord and thank him for showing them the true path to enlightenment & love. Since the beginning of Christianity, Good Friday has always been observed as the day of gloom and sorrow. Some Catholics observe this day as the day of penance, wherein God (Jesus Christ) sacrificed himself for the greater good of the people. He chose to be remembered as the one who died for the sins of humanity.

This year, Good Friday would be observed on the 19th of April 2019.

Also known by the name of Holy Friday and Black Friday, Good Friday coincides with the Jewish observance of the Passover.

Who observes Good Friday around the world?

Having its roots deep in the hearts of Christians around the world, Black Friday or Good Friday is commemorated by the members of many traditions. Namely, these are the Anglican Church, Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox, Methodist, and Reformed churches amongst many! They observe a fast and do church services on this day.

As per Christians, Jesus Christ was reborn on the third day after his crucifixion, which further made the belief strong in the principles of Christianity. The promises made in the holy scripture, 1 Corinthians 15:3 states that God always had a plan, and Good Friday exclusively marks the finale that God had destined to happen. This also acts as the plan that aims to save the masses from their burden of sins and to always believe in the plans that the Almighty has not forsaken them.

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead marked the turning point in the religion of Christianity, and thus gave way to the importance of the penultimate moment of his crucifixion. The cross on which he was nailed was believed to contain enormous amounts of power, due to Jesus Christ being the ‘son of the God’.

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Significance of Good Friday

The day of Good Friday holds great importance, but not more than Easter due to the orthodox connotations the day had linked to itself. The early Christians believed that the three days, i.e. of Jesus’s Last Supper, his death, and resurrection must be celebrated on the day of Easter. However, with time the three events have been separated from each other and are celebrated on their specific days. The importance of Good Friday lies in the message that God gave; he suffered because he wanted his disciples to be happy and live a life that’s blessed by the almighty! The day encourages the masses to do good and be good to others. It gives a perspective towards living a life that’s devoted to the good of mankind.

As per the Holy Scriptures found in Christianity, Good Friday is the holy week where God decided to deliver grave news to his followers so that they would value the good news when it comes.

Black Friday or Good Friday Around the World!

Looked upon as a dark and gloomy day, the Christian community around the world has a different tradition of observing this day. They observe a fast and remorse the death of their lord. It’s a day to honour the sacrifice of Christ for the entirety of this mankind.

Commemorated around the world as a legal holiday, the day gets to see processions around the world and different churches celebrating the holy spirit in a different manner than the rest. In most countries, Good Friday is a legal and federal holiday. The festival is observed in the evenings in most Churches. Members of the Church appease their God by singing hymns in his praise and afterwards enjoy bread and wine to commemorate the ‘Last Supper’ of their lord. Remembered in Germany as the ‘Mourning Friday’, and as the ‘Long Friday’ in Nordic Countries, Good Friday literally means the Holy Friday.

The day also signifies the triumph of greatness & holy over evil. It marks the end of the tyrannical Roman empire and the upliftment of mankind from the bleak horrors of oppression. Metaphorically, the cross that Jesus Christ was nailed on symbolises the faith, and Christ himself. It marks the love and passion Jesus had for his God and the belief and faith people had in him. Marking a great contradiction, the cross symbolises the two polar ends of everything. If there’s good, there’s always bad behind. Where there is love, there exists hate. Behind every white, stands a black and thus the Cross became a symbol of Christianity to represent this contradiction in our lives.

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