Get assured job problem solution by astrology online.

By: Future Point | 17-Sep-2018
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Get assured job problem solution by astrology online.

Good career is an aspiration of every career-oriented individuals. Many plan their career since their teen age and accordingly pursue education. Since, it is believed that education is the first step towards good career achievement. However, only a few individuals are a lucky individual. They are blessed with wisdom at an early age and therefore, successful in their career.

But others who are not so fortunate may go wrong in their choice of career. Later they regret a wrong choice. So, is there no remedy to their choice? As, individual are bound to go wrong in their judgements at times. Thankfully this is a solution. Vedic astrology or astrology consultation is a very reliable solution.

Why is astrology consultation a reliable solution?

Astrology is an ancient science based on certain calculations at the time of Birth of an individual. This is done with the help of charting a Kundli or horoscope of a native at the time of birth. A horoscope is a combination of the nine planets and twelve zodiac signs in the orbit. These nine planets and twelve zodiac sign decides the future and fortune of the native.

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This horoscope is very much used while matchmaking is undertaken for marriage. Apart from marriage, the same horoscope is very much useful to find answers to many problems faced by a native. One such area becomes to find solutions for career and solutions for the same.

How does horoscope help a native to find solutions?

At the onset, when a horoscope is casted, the Lagna or ascendant (1st house in the horoscope or Kundli), the moon sign and the analysis of the remaining eleven houses are analysed in great detailed. Here the 2nd house (income), 6th house (career in service or job) 7th house (for partnership), 10th house (career, status and business) and then the 11th house (fulfilment of desire).

Therefore, when a horoscope is analysed by a learnt and expert astrologer, they would analyse each of the twelve houses and more specifically the above houses for career. Thus, some expert astrologer specialises in career Kundli or career horoscope.

This analysis would also include the analysis of D 10 or Dashamamsha chart, Hora Chart (wealth and income). These are divisional chart which given finer details of the future of a native’s horoscope. In fact, analysing these charts are the one which gives clear picture to an astrologer.

It is here that astrology is considered scientific and has the magic to heal with proper counselling. Being a subject of calculation, the subject is very much scientific and this would give a detailed analysis and answer to the solution seeker. In fact, many a time solution are analysed with the help of Horary astrology. This horary astrology is also known as Job horoscope by date of birth.

How is this done? This is analysed with the help of the nakshatra or constellation of the newborn. With the nakshtra which would prevail at the time of question, it is used to analyse the mind of the native, depending upon the position of the moon in the horary chart and its ascendant.

This gives much clues to the learnt and expert astrologer. This is very much useful method, when a native poses a query on career or business. If this query needs to be answered accordingly, only Horary astrology is useful. Thus, if a native is aspirant to undertake business visa viz their exist job, then an astrologer would take refugee under Horary astrology.

So, does this excite the readers? Especially who considered as a blind belief or superstitious. Is there any other method which is as scientific as astrology would give you answers? That to from time to time? as and when the native struggles to find answers to many of their problems?

Thus, to know more, readers can write to us at or visit our web site for more details. Be it a query on job or business astrology, you can rely upon our team of learnt and expert astrologers. We have been practising astrology for the past three decades and have been answering the queries to the seekers from time to time. Seekers can find reliable solutions for their job problems by astrology through our online medium.

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