Fidelity according to the astrological sign

By: Future Point | 17-Apr-2018
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Fidelity according to the astrological sign

Astrology and fidelity

What is the most unfaithful astrological sign of the zodiac?

Is it easier to conceive of a serious relationship or marriage with one astrological sign than another?

Discover at the end of this article, the ranking of the most unfaithful astrological signs according to our visitors, you can also participate.

During your quest to find great love, you will meet many people who could potentially become your half. Although all astrological signs are able to be faithful and willing to invest in a relationship, there are also some signs that are more prone to lightness or even adultery...

In this article we have outlined some general guidelines for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Of course, it would be too categorical to choose his future sentimental or friendly relations according to the zodiac sign. But knowing certain traits is not a bad idea.

Remember not to take this article literally, there are many factors that can be taken into account such as astrological ascendancy. By consulting an astrology consultation on, you will be able to obtain much more precise advice on the astrological compatibility between you and your partner.

What are the most unfaithful and faithful astrological signs

Aries and fidelity

Unfortunately, Aries is known as the least faithful astrological sign of the zodiac (sorry Aries friends!). Aries are always on the lookout for new adventures, new challenges and sometimes it also means a new or new partner.

They are charismatic, innovative, warm but also sometimes selfish. Their needs come first and the person they are most devoted to is ... themselves! What may appear here as a defect, can be a real strength for Aries too: he knows what he wants!

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Taurus and fidelity

Everyone knows that Bulls are stubborn and it’s surely a good thing in love because they will never give up a relationship even when their family or friends suggest the opposite ... On the other hand their attractions for good things, pleasures carnal and epicurean could push them to the fault...

Gemini and fidelity

Gemini are excellent in the evening because they are interested in all subjects and like to exchange. Unfortunately, although Gemini are charming, they can be unfaithful and untrustworthy. In them lies two faces: they can be completely faithful and devoted to their partner but can also betray you overnight. Gemini are eternal children: they love to play with the spirits of others but also with the heart. As they need to be constantly stimulated, they can get bored of a relationship once the "brand new, all beautiful" is over.

Cancer and fidelity

If you want a faithful partner, Cancer is an excellent choice! They are very intuitive and insightful, they take their time with their feelings so that when they engage, they do it one hundred percent. Of course, they cannot stand being betrayed! So if you are in a relationship with a Cancer, try to be in harmony with its standard of loyalty and loyalty.

Lion and fidelity

Lions are very generous, loving and creative people. They are faithful when it suits them, but since they can be very egocentric they will not follow someone blindly. They are leaders, not followers. The Lion needs the admiration of his or her partner otherwise he might try to look for that flame in someone else’s eyes...

The Virgin and fidelity

Virgins take almost everything very seriously (including themselves). They have their heads on their shoulders and are generally loyal unless they think the loved one is not paying enough attention to them.

When this happens, their critical side focuses on their spouse and they will actively seek out another partner who will bring them the desired attention. It is very difficult to know if a virgin is unfaithful because of their cautiousness. Unless he or she reveals it to you. They usually leave no trace and very rarely make mistakes.

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Libra and fidelity

In a way, Libra is one of the most faithful astrological signs, at least as much as their partner is. They will support their partner against all odds. Once you have a Libra friend, you have it for life.

However, Balances have problems controlling their impulses and these can cause them to act accordingly. In a certain context, the scales are likely to deceive their partner. But the fact that this is a sign that hates confrontation and conflict, they will think twice before acting.

Scorpio and fidelity

Scorpions are guided by passion and can sometimes be faithful but also fickle at other times. They are generally very jealous and possessive and require a great loyalty on the part of those around him. If the friend Scorpio decides "to go elsewhere" he will do it according to the mood of the moment without committing their loyalty.

Sagittarius and fidelity

Sagittarians can be madly in love and engaged at the first moment, and can quickly lose interest and focus on someone else the next moment. They go from one extreme to the other. They are considered one of the most infidel astrological signs of the zodiac.

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Capricorn and fidelity

Capricorns are extremely faithful. If there is a problem that threatens their determination, they will work on it until everything is settled and that also includes their sentimental relationship. This sign is considered the most faithful zodiac sign of astrology.

Aquarius and fidelity

Aquarians are great humanists and love to commit to a cause. However, the Aquarians are not part of the most faithful signs of the zodiac: the latter is often fickle and unpredictable. They can be faithful when they are in the moment but can easily distract themselves and fix themselves on something else the next moment.

Aquarius is very independent and unconventional which can make difficult a serious romantic relationship or the prospect of a marriage. They hate cheaters and liars, they cannot conceive of doing something unethical but they can get carried away by the heat of the action if they think its "right" on the moment.

Fish and fidelity

Pisces have an overflowing imagination and are extremely emotional. They are always in touch with their contradictory inner emotions. They can be a lover and a devoted friend as they can collect adventures...

Pisces are dedicated and faithful when they are not lost in their imaginary world accepting very much hardly the constraints of the real world. They can very quickly be disappointed and easily lose hope in the relationship if it does not meet their requirements.

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