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Consult with an Expert Astrologer to find the best solution for all Marital & Financial problems

By: Future Point | 18-Mar-2019
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Consult with an Expert Astrologer to find the best solution for all Marital & Financial problems

We all live in a world where there are problems in every area of life and it is not uncommon to see people grappling with those problems on a day-to-day basis. However, two such areas of life where people face maximum number of issues and wholeheartedly wish for a real solution are- Marriage and Finance. Yes, these two areas of life are extremely significant for people and at the same time, are the ones that have the maximum number of issues.

Marriage and Finance, are not restricted to cast their effects on just an individual but on other family members as well. This is because marriage is about being with your spouse and raising a family and finance is an integral part of supporting yourself and your family members who are dependent on you. So is there a way by which one can get solutions for all problems faced in marriage & finance?


Vedic Astrology is an ancient & sacred science that reveals the planetary will for a person and provides remedies that bring a relief from all problems in life. In this digital age, it has become much more easier to consult with an astrologer and more & more people are getting their Online Kundli analyzed by an Online Astrologer. When it comes to marriage, Kundali Matching is a process that analyzes the state of planets as per the individual horoscopes of both the husband & wife.

In fact, Kundali Matching for Marriage provides invaluable insights about what the planets have in store for the married couple and what they can do to ensure the positive effects of planets that would ward off all their problems and ensure bliss & happiness in their marital domain. Then comes the financial domain of life and Vedic Astrology covers this domain in great detail as well.

An experienced astrologer analyzes the Finance Horoscope of a person to know the state of planets with respect to finances in the person's life. The astrologer looks at certain specific houses & planets both in case of marriage as well as finance to decode what they signify for the native and recommends remedies to make them positive if they are negatively affected as per the horoscope.

For Marriage

2nd House

When it comes to marriage this house represents family.

5th House

This house represents children.

6th House

For marriage, this house represents bickering.

7th House

This house represents spouse or life-partner.

8th House

This house represents in-laws

11th House

This house represents realization of desires.

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For Finance

2nd House

When it comes to finance, this house represents bank balance & accumulated wealth.

6th House

This house represents job and competition.

7th House

In case of finance, this house represents business and partnership.

8th House

As far as the financial aspect of a person is concerned, this house represents sudden gains or losses and struggles & obstacles.

9th House

This house represents fortune.

10th House

This is the house of profession, name and fame.

11th House

This house represents gains.

12th House

This house represents expenditures.

So it is important that the above mentioned houses must not be affected by the negative influences of malefic planets such as Rahu (Dragon's Head), Ketu (Dragon's Tail) and Saturn. Furthermore, any planetary conjucntions that might damage the houses concerned with marriage and finance are looked at in great details to find out remedial measures that can strengthen those houses to ensure positive outcomes. There are two very specific Doshas (planetary flaws) that are also looked and immediately treated with astrological remedies if found in the horoscope.

These are:

Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dosh

It arises with the ill placement of planet Mars and is considered extremely bad for the married life of a person. Manglik Dosha poses hurdles in getting married in the first place and brings extreme volatility in the married life thereafter. It is single handedly responsible for wreaking havoc in the marital domain of a couple with even resulting in an untimely death of a spouse in some cases.

Kaal Sarp Dosh

This Dosh is formed when all planets are boxed in between the position of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope. Such situation results in the 'capture' of 7 planets by Rahu & Ketu which diminishes their positive effects and enhances their negative ones. Kaal Sarp Dosh is famous for bringing financial turbulences in one's life unless treated timely and properly through 'Kundli specific' remedies.

Kaal Sarp Dosh is of many types based on its formation in the horoscope and sometimes Kaal Sarp Dosh is 'Aanshik' (incomplete) in the horoscope. This means the negative effects will not be as severe as a full fledged Kaal Sarp Dosh but nevertheless it is prudent on one's part to perform timely astrological cure. For marriage, planet Venus is the natural significator and hence apart from other equally relevant things, it is required to be in a strong state to experience marital bliss.

Similarly for sound finances in life, it is important that planet Jupiter must be well positioned in a horoscope and if not, then remedial measures to strengthen this planet of abundance & expansion should be made. Since there are so many planetary permutations & combinations involved with respect to a person's or couple's horoscopes, that it is only wise to consult with a professional astrologer to get proper solutions to all problems. In this digital age, Future Point offers Best Online Astrology Services with their expert astrologers having decades long experience in the field of Vedic Astrology.

Whether it is Match Making Horoscope or Finance Horoscope, the highly experienced and absolutely brilliant astrologers of Future Point perform an in-depth analysis to arrive at perfect remedial measures that one can adopt to get the perfect solution for all problems.

So what are you waiting for?Contact Future Point and get effective & result oriented solutions to all your problems and make your life a manifestation of success, joy & prosperity!

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