Every parent should follow these 7 life-changing astrological remedies

By: Future Point | 21-Dec-2018
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Every parent should follow these 7 life-changing astrological remedies

The people gathered from the whole world would agree that the biggest happiness comes from seeing our children happy and healthy. And, therefore, the happiness of the children is by far the biggest happiness in the world. As humans, we have this tendency of being jealous of other people success and happiness, but the beautiful part is that parents never ever become envious or jealous about their children happiness and success.

In fact, a mother and a father eagerly wait for their children to bloom and taste the success in the biggest ways possible. As parents, they always wish to see the children climbing the stairs of achievement and success. However, life is life and at times, we the children have to suffer because of some planetary movements and positions in the cosmos that impacts the life in one or another way. But there is no need to worry, in child astrology, there are some magical astrological remedies that when followed with utmost dedication and care can bring in the desired and positive results in the lives of your children.

Some of the best and most followed lal kitab remedies for a child and his/her happiness are:

The power of Gayatri Mantra to make “Surya Dev” strong!

It would be no wrong to say that when the children become successful and happy, it would bring the much-desired glory, happiness, fame, wealth and recognition in the name of the parents and the family. If you wish to make the planet of Sun strong in the life and horoscope of your child, teach him/her the importance of Gayatri mantra and make them recite it 108 times daily in the morning while offering pure water to the sun, especially on Sundays.

The Magic of Silver bangle and copper coin to appease and seek blessings from the Moon:

As per the age-old beliefs of astrology, using the silver coin and copper coin can be extremely useful if your child has become a habitual liar and cannot alter his/her behaviour. If this habit of your child is becoming a reason for your worry, then you must collect some pure copper coins and place them in the temple of your home. The next time when your child becomes mischievous and is lying, give him/her a silver coin. Following this astrological remedy would definitely help and your child will become disciplined.

Make Mars stronger with outdoor play:

As per the beliefs of education in astrology, the planet of Mars is known to be a playing a very important and imperative role. The planet of Mars is symbolic of courage and confidence in life. And if your child is confined to the four walls of your home, then it is more likely that the planet Mars will not bring desired and positive results in life. Therefore, make your child engaged in some outdoor activity or else encourage them to play out with their friends.

The relation between green vegetables and Planet Mercury:

We all know the benefits and nutritional value of all green leafy vegetables for the emphasis it has received from dieticians and health experts. However, as per astrology, it is said that to make the presence of planet Mercury stronger in the natal chart and horoscope of the child, he/she should eat more of green leafy vegetables to witness the desired positive changes in life.

The association of Jupiter with Elderly people:M

If you recently consulted an astrologer and have been told that the Jupiter is weak in your child’s horoscope, then there is no need to worry. To improve the effects and negate the negative effects of planet Jupiter in your child’s life, you must make them learn to respect elders. Make them touch the feet of elderly people, especially their grandparents in the morning. This astrological remedy would definitely help to appease planet Jupiter.

Venus and cleanliness:

In child astrology, the planet Venus is known to be the ruler of all luxuries, comforts and materialistic things in a native’s life. If you have been told by an astrologer, that the placement of planet Venus is not so good in the horoscope of your child, then you must feed your child with tapioca (Saabu daana). It would be better if you do it every Friday.

Help others and the ones in need for the blessings of Saturn:

In Indian astrology, the planet of Saturn is known to be the lord of law and justice. It is said and believed that this planet can never tolerate injustice done to people in any form, therefore, if your children have weak placement of Saturn in the horoscope, you can pacify the wrath of Saturn by making them help poor people and the people who are in distress and need.

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