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Does Vedic Palmistry explain the danger signs in Pregnancy?

By: Future Point | 23-Nov-2019
Views : 4727Does Vedic Palmistry explain the danger signs in Pregnancy?

Vedic Palmistry: Everyone's palm naturally develops lines which we refer to as the 'palm lines' or 'fate lines'. We are all born with these 'palm lines'. It is said that the palm lines on one of our hands remain fixed throughout our life, whereas the lines on the other can change during the course of our life.

Palmistry works on predicting the future by reading the lines on our palm and hence it is also known as Palm Reading or Chirology. It has been studied in the whole world but with numerous cultural variations. Indian Vedic palmistry has its roots in India and has been practicing for a very long time.

An expert palm reader, Mr. Yashkaran Sharma quips that Palmistry effectively utilizes the knowledge and learning to translate the palm lines and give accurate analysis to the individual whose palm is being read.

Marks on Palm: These markings have different interpretations in the case of men and women.

  • A net-shaped marking on the Mount of Venus is an indication of miscarriage.
  • If the bracelet line makes a sign of the island (outward) right under the Mount of Venus, then it is an indication of loss of progeny.
  • Women who have the bracelet line in a curve (inwards), the Mount of Venus experience problems in conceiving and often have kids at a very late age.
  • A person who has a line going straight from their little finger up to middle finger has chances of accident or childlessness.

Palmistry Suggests Palm reading by date of birth

According to expert Palmist Yashkaran Sharma, palm reading by date of birth is used to perform all the necessary tasks and is taken into consideration for Palm Reading. The date of birth of an individual is also assessed to take note of his/her inherited characteristics and caliber. A native can manage to evaluate his/her future without consulting any palmist. All these lines have a very significant impact on an individual destiny and hence, it is necessary for expert Palmists to make a detailed study of each line found on the Palm.

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Palm Reading to Check Fertility

According to palmistry, fertility level can be determined easily by the lines on the palm that are found by both women and men. For instance, there is a good chance of being blessed with daughters if your palm contains small vertical lines beyond marriage lines. When the vertical lines are underneath marriage lines, the indication rests towards a boy child. However, the lines are completely different when it comes to males and females. Many lines can even tell facts about offspring loss, fertility issues and a lot more in women as compared to fertility levels in men.

If you are concerned regarding any of these issues, you can consider getting a Palm Reading done Online.

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Childline In a Woman’s hand

Child lines mainly step out of love or marriage lines suggesting births that are an outcome of a relationship. The vertical lines under the little finger or between both the little and ring finger are the childline in the palm of females that suggests children in native’s life. The children that are indicated on your palm can also be adopted, or foster children and not necessarily born out of your relationships. Children who are unable to survive due to miscarriage can also be reflected on the hand. However, these lines will look thinner, shorter, or broken. For children who are alive, the lines will also appear broken if the child is suffering from any health issue.

As per the palm reading professionals, the line of a child in hand is very important and it should be analyzed with a clear state of mind.

Vedic Palmistry is so powerful that it can even predict life-threatening situations and can make a move according to that and it could be your strength if you truly believe in them. An individual can consult the Best Palmist Online for a deep analysis of your future because the basic information regards to Palmistry can help you mold your life in a better way. You can also Talk with astrologers in order to live a happy and prosperous life.