Decipher Your Fate by the Magic of Palmistry!

By: Future Point | 16-Sep-2020
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Decipher Your Fate by the Magic of Palmistry!

Palmistry is an ancient occult science that has incredible revelatory powers. Palmistry involves reading a person’s palm and decoding the will of planets for various aspects of that person’s life such as health, wealth, fortune, marriage etc.

Palmistry that originated in India, is now practiced all over the world and has been prevalent since the ancient times simply because of its efficacy & sheer potential of revealing what fate has in store for an individual.

However, one should get his/her palm analyzed only by an experienced Palmist as Palmistry is a very complex science that involves multiple parameters that are to be taken into account simultaneously before arriving at an accurate prediction. 

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The Mystical Science of Palmistry

Well, Palmistry basically involves the analysis of different ‘Lines and Mounts’ on the Palm of a person. These lines and mounts hold profound information with respect to multiple domains of an individual’s life. 

This information when revealed by a Palmist after analyzing the palm of an individual, provides extremely useful inputs and an opportunity to know beforehand what fate is holding up for the individual as well as how that individual can best plan his/her actions to ensure minimum friction and maximum success in life.

The most important & major Lines that are looked upon while analyzing a person's Palm to decode the will of planets for him/her are:

  • Heart Line
  • Head Line
  • Fate Line
  • Life Line
  • Health Line
  • Marriage Line
  • Money Line
  • Sun Line

Each line depending upon its shape & appearance reveals what plans destiny has in store for a person. Once a person gets to know how various aspects of his/her are slated to unfold, the person can use that information to make informed decisions in life. This is an invaluable benefit that Palmistry offers to a person.

Moving past the Lines, a Palmist comes across different Mounts present on a person’s palm that hold further key information about how certain specific planets have planned to steer the trajectory of that person’s life.

These mounts can be broadly categorized as:

  • Mount of Jupiter
  • Mount of Venus
  • Mount of Sun
  • Mount of Moon
  • Mount of Saturn
  • Mount of Inner Mars
  • Mount of Outer Mars
  • Mount of Mercury

Each mount reveals a lot of crucial information about what the planet that represents that particular mount is signifying for the person. 

Also, the shape of the hand of a person tells a lot about that person’s outlook towards life as well as his/her real & innermost nature.

The Health Line as per its length, breadth and texture reveals the overall state of health that the person is poised to have in his/her life and  what are the time periods of life when that person is likely to face health related problems. This type of information better prepares a person to take timely & necessary health related precautions which in itself is a very significant benefit that Palmistry provides.

The Life Line determines the overall quality of a person’s life and the Money Line reveals the state of finances in the person’s life. In case of decoding the money/financial aspect of a person’s life, the state of the Mount of Venus as well as the Mount of Jupiter are also analyzed as Venus represents luxury & comforts and Jupiter represents wealth & expansion.

While we can easily go on & on with a whole lot of other concepts & principles of Palmistry, we would suggest you to take the wise & smart decision of consulting with a Palmistry Expert to get your Palm comprehensively analyzed and know what plans does fate have in store for you.

Also, get extremely powerful remedies that have the potential of pacifying the negative planetary effects in your life that are responsible for creating unwanted hurdles & obstacles and at the same time enhance the positive effects of planets that are beneficial to you in order to attract energies that would promote success, health & prosperity in your life!

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