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Correcting Energy at Home with Color Matching & Vastu

By: Future Point | 30-Nov-2019
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Correcting Energy at Home with Color Matching & Vastu

Colors play a different role in the life of an individual that can affect their lives on the basis of age, gender, background, and climate. They have the ability to change our mood and can influence any emotion, from tranquility to rage by leaving a great impact on the way we think. New colors of our home can make us understand the fashion of the outside world. From sunrise to sunset there are seven colors that keep on changing in our aura.

If you need help in choosing the color according to Vastu Shastra, you can take advice from the Energy Vastu Expert, Mr. Jayant Pandey and learn tips that will enhance your living standards.

Different people have different choices in choosing colors, whereas colors also play three different roles-active, passive, and neutral in order to match each person’s desires, tastes, and room’s purpose. There are different shades of colors and one can choose light colors for their room to make it look larger, brighter, and airy. On the other hand, dark colors are more sophisticated and give a warm look and make the room more special.

After so many researches that have been conducted, color therapy proves that each color has a psychological value that can leave an impact on the health of a person. Every individual should have some basic knowledge about the colors and their effects for better results in the future. Poor Vastu condition results result in a depressing atmosphere, anxiety- stress, and mental illness.

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Vastu Remedies

  • North Direction- If you want a better job opportunity or success in your career, then your North direction has to be strong as it is a financial zone.
  • Best Suited Colors- The North direction should be painted with Blue and Black colors as it will bring good career opportunities.
  • Tips- An individual should never use wooden colors or the tones of green as the north direction symbolizes the element water which is weakened by wood.
  • South Direction- If the native wants to gain name and fame, then the south direction needs to be strong.
  • Best Suited Colors- The best color for South Direction is Red.
  • Tips- Red color raises a room’s energy level and too much use of color tone can make you aggressive. So it should be used in moderation.
  • East Direction- The east direction of the house should be strong because it symbolizes health.
  • Best Suited Colors- The favorable color for the east direction is Green.
  • Tips- If an individual is having his/her living room in the east direction then he/she should use mix tones of green color.
  • West Direction- if an individual is interested in some creative work or who those who want to become a parent, then this direction is best for them.
  • Best Suited Colors- White, gold, and silver color will be best in this direction.
  • Tips- Black and Blue colors will act as the best remedy if the native is having a toilet or kitchen in the west direction.
  • SouthEast Direction- This direction of the house brings wealth.
  • Best Suited Colors- The best-suited color for this direction will be Green.
  • Tips- An individual should go for metallic colors or shades of red and orange if the native is having a toilet or kitchen in this direction.

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  • Northwest Direction- Those who have an interest in traveling, then the northwest direction is lucky for them. This direction tends to bring good luck and also help them bringing more helpful people in their life.
  • Best suited colors- The best color for this direction is white, gold, and silver.
  • Tips- People who have a kitchen or living room in Northwest direction, should go for black or blue color in order to gain maximum benefits.
  • Northeast Direction- The Northeast Direction of the house is best for students that bring them success in their education.
  • Best Suited Colors- The most suited for this direction is Brown, Yellow, and pink.
  • Tips- For this direction, one should use white, gold, and silver colors. If a native is having a kitchen or a toilet in this direction as well, then it drains good earth energy.
  • Southwest Direction- This direction of the house enhances the love relationship one’s life.
  • Best suited Colors- For this direction, Brown, yellow and pink is the best remedy.
  • Tips- For toilet, kitchen or living room use white, gold, and silver colors as a remedy.

The Color Therapy guidelines mentioned above can be highly useful in creating a lively space!

Colors have an impact on the way we think and act, thus it is highly important to select the paints of each room with caution and as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. To learn which color would go according to the Vastu Shastra principles, you can consult the renowned Energy Vastu Expert, Mr. Jayant Pandey for a site consultation. You can also Talk to an Astrologer in case you are facing grave trouble in your life and need remedies that will help come out of the bad times.

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