Consult with the Best Astrologer in Delhi for Profound Occult Advice

By: Akhil Pathak | 01-Aug-2023
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Consult with the Best Astrologer in Delhi for Profound Occult Advice

All of us want nothing short of the very best and this desire essentially summarizes all our efforts endeavors in life. It is human nature to not settle or become content before we achieve what we wish for and strive for. However, our experience of life thus far makes it amply clear to us that success realization of desires does not come easily at all. In fact, more often than not, people find realizing their dreams a near impossible task to accomplish.

Have you ever wondered why?

First of all, there is no denying the fact that hard work is a must to ensure success in life. There are simply no shortcuts to meaningful success. However, unchanneled hard work would at best only translate into such gains that could be compared to those that are made while swimming against the tide.

Consult with the Best Astrologer in Delhi and get immensely useful occult guidance to swiftly advance towards your goals desires.

How do Celestial Bodies Shape Our Lives?

The celestial bodies in the form of planets stars cast a subtle yet enormous impact on our lives that it would not be an exaggeration to say that planets play a crucial and rather decisive role in shaping up our lives with respect to key domains such as education, career, health, marriage, finance etc. It is the planets that based on certain factors decide whether the hard work of a person would yield desired results or not.

At the time of a persons birth, as per the Divine Universal Law of Karma, the 9 planets are assigned a portion of that persons past life karmas from the karmic baggage that must be accounted for in this lifetime. It is the responsibility of the planets to provide the results of the type of karmic records from a persons past lives that they are holding, at specific time periods in specific domains in that persons current life.

Role of an Astrologer

The ancient sacred wisdom of Vedic Astrology empowers an astrologer to decipher what the planets as per their positioning in the horoscope or kundli of a person are signifying for various aspects or domains of that persons life.

It is the job of an experienced astrologer to apply the principles of Vedic Astrology onto a persons horoscope to get answers that would help the person in making informed and potentially rewarding decisions in life.

Vedic Astrology or Astrology as it is popularly known, reveals a lot of information that puts you in an advantageous position vis-a-vis key domains of your life.

Astrology reveals certain crucial information that could very well be used to make the most of life and realize your goals such as:

  • Favourable Educational Stream
  • Most Promising Career Fields
  • Key Time Periods in Life
  • State of Marriage/Relationship
  • Health Trajectory in Life

Working hard in the direction that holds the most promising prospects of success will increase your chances of making it big in life, manifold. In many cases, planet/s that are operational at a particular time in peoples lives do not signify positive results for the kind of endeavour that they people are into. This creates a discord between peoples efforts and the end result that they get.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to get your horoscope thoroughly analyzed by an experienced astrologer and know the best or most promising course of action that if followed diligently from your end would yield the success that you have always aspired for!

Tackling Negative or Badly Placed Planets in the Horoscope

There is not an iota of doubt about the fact that it is highly beneficial to base your decisions in various domains of your life in-accordance with what is most suitable for you as signified by the planets that are positive for you.

But what about the planets that are outright negative for an individual based on their positioning in the horoscope? Furthermore, what if those badly placed planets also happen to be naturally malefics?

Well, this is where it becomes critical that you must get your horoscope or kundli comprehensively analyzed by an experienced astrologer and incorporate the remedies suggested in a timely proper manner to ward off the negative effects of such malefic planets. Remember, malefic planets signifying negativity or bad results for any domain of your life could easily pose seemingly never ending hurdles and could make it look impossible to achieve success in your endeavours.

In Vedic Astrology, the 3 naturally malefic planets known for wreaking havoc in the life of a person are:

  1. Saturn
  2. Rahu (North Node of the Moon)
  3. Ketu (South Node of the Moon)

Let us look at what these malefic planets primarily signify when badly placed in a persons horoscope.

Saturn is one of the most dreaded planets and as per Vedic Astrology it is the manifestation of Lord Shani who is the God of Justice. Hence, it is believed that more often than not the karmas from our past that are held by Saturn for being accounted for in our current lifetime are negative. Hence, Saturn usually provides punishing results to a person during different times of its operation in the persons life.

Now, imagine if Saturn is placed in a house or sign where it is not comfortable e.g. it is placed in a sign that is ruled by an enemy planet or the house itself is aspected by an enemy planet. In such a case, Saturn brings extreme delays, obstacles, failures and insults in life, to name a few.

Things deteriorate further with Rahu and Ketu as they are not just malefic planets but are Shadow Planets as well. It means that they do not have a physical element of existence attached to them. Since their existence in the cosmos is not physical, their effects are sudden and very strongly felt. Rahu when badly placed in a persons horoscope signifies sudden shocks, heavy losses, confusion and ailments, to name a few.

Similarly, Ketu when placed in a troubling position in the horoscope signifies extreme dissatisfaction, discord from reality, bad relationships and accidents, to name a few.

So, by now you must have understood how important it is to consult with an experienced astrologer to get the guidance that helps not only in choosing the best options or pathforward that favourably placed planets of the horoscope point out to us, but also pacify the negative or punishing effects of planets that are naturally malefic or negatively placed, well in time.

Best Vedic Astrologer in Delhi

Dr. Arun Bansal is a well renowned astrologer with over 40 years of experience in providing occult based consultations to countless people all over the world. His clients have benefitted from his life-transforming occult based guidance and have found it extremely useful in charting a rewarding course of action in their lives.

Dr. Bansal is highly respected in the entire community of occult professionals all over India and is also a widely recognized name in the international communities spanning all over the globe.

He employs extensive astrological concepts, even the most intricate & rarely known ones while decoding what the planets stars are signifying for different domains of his clients lives. Furthermore, the remedies that he recommends are highly effective in addressing the root planetary issues that are responsible for the problems that people face in their lives.

So, what are you waiting for?

Consult with Dr. Arun Bansal who is the Best Vedic Astrologer in Delhi for an in-depth analysis of your natal horoscope. Take the prudent step that would open up the doorway of celestial grace blessings in your life leading you to a transition towards peace, joy and success in as smooth a manner as possible!


Who is the perfect astrologer in the world?

Well, experience and track record are the only two parameters that could be the benchmark for identifying a perfect astrologer. Going by these parameters Dr. Arun Bansal is a phenomenal astrologer who has helped countless people lead a significantly better life through his occult wisdom.

How do I choose a good astrologer?

As stated above, look for experience and client satisfaction. You would automatically find that Dr. Arun Bansal is the best astrologer or occult professional that anyone can ever come across.

How can consulting with an astrologer help me?

Consulting with an astrologer makes it possible to base your decisions on what the planets that are favorable to you are signifying. This way, you increase your chances of clocking in success with least or no amount of friction.

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