Benefits of Food Donation at Old Age Home

By: Future Point | 04-Oct-2018
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Benefits of Food Donation at Old Age Home

Life is all happy and blissful if you have the company of your loved ones and family members by your side all throughout life. But, unfortunately not everyone is this much lucky to be around with family members and loved ones. Nowadays, many of the old age people are forced to live a life in the shelters of an old age home and take refuge in it. Therefore, when one offers and donates food or annadaan as it is commonly known, he/she particularly gains the blessings of these old age people and plus they have the satisfaction of doing charity for a noble cause, which comes under a good deed in our karma cycle.

Offering freshly prepared meal with love and care is a great way to make these old people happy and pleased and in return they bless you with their true and much required blessings to live a happy and blissful life in this society, especially at the times of kalyuga. Now, let us get on to know what makes offering and donating food at an old age home as a good deed in the karma cycle:

Benefits of donating food at an old age home:

One of the biggest benefits of donating food at an old home is that by doing so you can give old age and senior group of the society a feeling of being loved, cared and valued for. With this, they get a feeling that they are still cared for and are still a part of the society with love.

Whenever you offer & donate food to the ones who are in need, who are neglected, ignored, left out from the society and especially at an old age home, it gives you a feeling of utmost satisfaction, which in turns makes a positive shift to your self-worth.

If you want to spread good manners in your children and make them good human beings, this is a great way to do it. Donating food will make them understand the essence and value of sharing and caring in life. They will also follow your footsteps in the future and will become as good and mature human beings.

Also, if you make a habit of donating and offering food to the needy and at an old age home at some special occasions, they are most likely to follow and adopt a same kind of mind set. They will also turn out to be helpful and caring individual beings in the future.

The other main benefit of donating food is that, as we all know that life is based on our karma cycle and works according to maintain and balance it. It means if we do a good deed today, it is very sure that the good deed will return to us eventually in the future in some way or the other. Therefore, donating food comes under a good deed and this way we improve our karma chakra and simultaneously life.

Why there is a need to offer and donate food at an old age home?

In old age home, senior people are staying away from the comfort and warmth of their homes, they constantly have a feeling of abandonment and therefore when someone donates them a home cooked meal with love and care, they have a feeling that they still are valued and cared for and that somebody still loves them and thinks about them.

When you cook a meal to donate it to an old age home or shelter, this act is a symbol of showing love, care and respect to the elderly and senior group of society. Donating food establishes the fact that you love and care for them and thinks about them to promote their standard of living.

Old people who are staying in an old age home are staying away from their families and homes and they terribly miss their homes. When you donate food at an old age shelter it gives them a feeling that they are a part of your family and that you value and care that they exist and their presence. They get a motivation to live on in this life with your small gesture of donating food.

If you really wish to contribute some goodness and positivity in the society, donating food at an old age shelter or home is a good way to do it. It will strengthen and add up good karmas in your karma cycle as well.

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