Balancing Marital Life with Kundali Milan in modern times

By: Future Point | 22-Oct-2021
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Balancing Marital Life with Kundali Milan in modern times

Vedic astrology works on faith and belief. It is certain that there is a correlation between the events happening in our lives on Earth and the movement of the celestial bodies in the sky. We may witness our preferences changing over the period of time which is a result of changing dashas and transits. We sometimes wonder why every individual on this Earth is different. It is all due to different planetary combinations and associations in their natal chart or kundali.  

Matching Kundli has been a deep-rooted tradition finding mention in various scriptures. The process of matching kundlis or horoscopes of the prospective couple is a tedious and time-consuming process. While the world is racing at a fast pace, being stuck in one process for a long is not something the modern generation encourages. To attend to these needs, many websites and online platforms that offer online kundli matching have mushroomed up. The authenticity of these websites needs to be checked carefully before resorting to them. 

It is advised that either one should completely believe in astrology or should completely ignore it. A hazy faith in Vedic astrology is always risky. The situation becomes more prominent in the case of a marriage. There has been an age-old tradition of matching kundalis before getting a couple married by their parents or so. Now, if the boy and the girl have faith in astrology then it is fine as they may co-relate the things with the predictions made by the best astrologer based on their kundalis. But if they don’t believe in this ancient science and marry without going for matching of their horoscopes, then if any problem arises and they associate it with their horoscopes under the pressure of others, the situation may become chaotic for them.  For example, if something undesired happens such as health issues or financial loss or domestic problems….the first thought that comes to mind is kundali mismatch and here loss to the marital life begins. Whether Kundali affects your life is totally on belief and cannot be PROVEN at all.  It is all your belief. Hence we suggest either you completely ignore or completely believe it.

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Matching of kundlis is a sentimental matter to parents, making it a common yet mandatory process. Offline or matching kundalis in a traditional way is a time taking process and it happens many times that kundalis do not match in the first go and wasting time for each Kundli separately is a difficult process to attend to. This problem is resolved by the online platforms where the results are generated instantaneously without eating away too much time. 

All these online kundali matching websites require are the basic details related to the date, place, and time of birth. These details will generate the compatibility report of the prospective couple within a few minutes. A few websites also provide astrological remedies to be done in order to eliminate the doshas and defects present in either of the horoscopes, making the match a compatible one. The money involved in the form of astrology fees to be paid to the astrologers is another reason for the popularity of online kundali matching where you don’t need to pay a single penny. 


A very common question asked by many marriage aspirants is that whether kundali matching may ensure a perfect life partner for them? The answer is yes. Yes, you may find the most suitable match based on your planetary placements. The only thing required is to keep patience and talk to astrologer to look for a perfect match for you. An astrologer after analyzing different planetary possibilities in the charts may suggest whether you should marry a particular person or not. 

We are not indicating anything orthodox here but it is always advised to know in detail about the person whom you are going to commit for your lifetime. Kundali matching involves checking the kundalis under eighth heads called ashtkoota in astrological language. These check the compatibility of the prospective couple under various heads like their mindsets, their nature, and way of behavior, sex compatibility, progeny, level of dominance over each other, their mental attributes, etc. among others. We all know that a couple sharing harmony in their thoughts and mutual behavior always succeed to live a prosperous married life. 

Two opposite minds may not come to a single conclusion ever giving rise to conflicts. However, it becomes sometimes difficult to shun away a proposal for marriage and even there are many couples who aspire for a love relation and marriage. What to do in that situation? Astrology provides effective remedies which if followed with faith and determination give miraculous results. 

We strongly recommend that everyone should marry after getting their kundalis checked at the hands of the best astrologer in Delhi and NCR. Astrology is miraculous and it is no superstition as believed by many people around, those who don’t get desired results blame the authenticity of astrology but the reasons for not achieving the expected results may be many. One should go to a learned and genuine astrologer and should listen carefully to all the predictions and suggestions before kick-starting things in hustle bustle.

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Kundali matching is done when two people decide to secure their lives in wedlock means they wish to marry.  Kundali matching for marriage is essential for a happy and prosperous married life. Ashta Koota Milan or kundali matching involves attributing 36 points to a match done based on both the horoscopes. According to Astrology if 18 or more points are secured then the match is approved and if the score is less than 18 then the match is denied. 

Under the modern approach, the birth details of both boy and the girl are obtained, and then using modern astrology software like LeoStar I and others, scores out of 36 is secured if it is more than 18 then the match is fine otherwise it is not approved. Simple isn’t it? But getting a secure and deciding upon the marriage may not give the clear picture. Sometimes a marriage with a relatively low score promises harmony in relations while one with a maximum of the score may play havoc in married life. 

Why does this happen?

Calculating the eight Guna or the Ashtakoota by the marriage matching calculator seems convenient but actually is not complete. Marriage is the life changing decision for all of us and all the peculiarities and minute details must be analyzed thoroughly by the best astrologers to ensure a happy married life. 


The younger or modern generation doesn’t seem to have long hours invested in the tedious process of kundali matching but they should understand that this vital process cannot be done in a matter of few minutes or seconds. And the mushrooming astrological sites cannot be totally trusted. For those who wish to marry their love of life, a visit to an astrologer is a must thing to do, as we all know prevention is better than cure. There are certain remedies which may be opted for even before the marriage while others are done after marriage. In case some disparities or problems are foreseen, an astrologer may come up with effective remedies that will help to even out the odds involved in a love relation. 

Not just marital compatibility but an individual also affects your health, career, and financial prospects with the alignment of his/her stars when tied to you in the form of a marriage. You must have noticed that there are individuals who have flourished right after their marriage and there are some who have to see struggles and challenges in their life after their marriage. This clearly indicates when we live with a person his/her stars affect us too in good or bad manner. The same goes for the family members when we say every child is born with his/her fortune that he/she brings in the family we mean this only. But family is something you can’t choose.    

In the case of a love marriage, a couple knows each other very well and is somewhere well acquainted with all flaws and strengths of each other. So, the process of match making is automatically done but in some cases even if the couple knows that they are not so compatible but still they can’t help loving each other. In such a case, an astrologer just like a marriage counselor may make out the possible reasons for disharmony and provide effective astrological remedies to come out of this messy situation. Points that are taken into consideration in online kundali matching involve longevity, probability of Divorce and cheating, happiness from progeny, etc. Based on these considerations, the best astrologer predicts about the success of love relation.

In a nutshell, Astrology as an ancient wonder may help us overcome every difficulty in life. We all are surrounded by planetary energies and aligning ourselves with them may bring miraculous results. These changes are bound to bring happiness and prosperity to our lives.

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