Astrological remedies to get rid of your problems

By: Future Point | 09-Mar-2018
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Astrological remedies to get rid of your problems

Life is a roller coaster ride and is not a bed of roses. We have to accommodate ourselves with the problems that life continuously throws at us.

To be happy and successful in life, we must know how to deal even with the biggest adversities in our life. But, there are times, where in despite of our utmost efforts, we are unable to deal with the problems and difficulties in the life and we feel struck and depressed.

At such situations, we must follow and practice astrological remedies to rid of our problems as it can prove to be extremely beneficial to solve our problems.

However, one must keep in mind that following these astrological remedies will not remove all the problems but still can provide some ease and relief during such troubled times. Below is a list of astrological remedies that we practice and follow to get rid of our problems:

    • We all have to deal with work related issues and problems at some point in our lives. If your important work is lying incomplete and is stuck somewhere, then you must donate a bowl of fresh basmati rice on every Wednesday to the needy or poor.
    • If you wish to attain success and prosperity in your business, then you must consider placing 5 big sized lemons with some black pepper and mustard seeds in the cashier of your shop or the business area.
    • The constant fight and issues amongst a married couple can also take away much of happiness and peace from life. If you and your partner are also having daily fights and issues, then you must out camphor on the wife’s side and place some sindoor on the husband side’s in the bedroom while sleeping.
    • Following the above remedy on a daily basis, will not only help in resolving the issues between the estranged couple but will increase the feeling of love and affection between them.
    • If things have gotten worse and if the couple is heading for a split or is awaiting divorce, then pick out a banyan tree leaf and write the name of both husband and wife on the leaf with a chandan stick. The very next morning, dip the banyan tree leaf in the Ganga jal and then place it in the bedroom of the couple. Things will surely work out between them.
    • The other astrological problems for your life’s problems could also be solved by wearing a suitable gemstone, yantra or rudraksha as per your horoscope online and ongoing planetary positions for the best of results.
    • A good boss can make the office environment happy and prosperous. But, not everyone is lucky enough to have a good boss. If you have a troubled relationship with your boss, then this astrological remedy would be helpful for you. You should take a white coloured cloth and with the help of kajal, write the name of your boss or the name of your superior at the work on the white cloth. Always keep this leaf with you at your office time to see positive results.
    • Not having enough money or suffering through financial crunch can be one of the biggest problems of life. One of the best and effective astrological remedies for wealth and financial crunch is to take 22 leaves of the peepal tree and while facing the east direction, write the name of “Ram” on each of the peepal tree leaf. After doing this, offer and donate these leaves to the footsteps of the holy lord Hanuman. Following this astrological remedy on 5-9 consecutive Tuesdays will help to solve financial crunch and increase wealth.




  • Another of the biggest financial problem we all face is to have a debt that we are finding unable to pay. If you have taken loan from someone and want to get to rid of debt, then you must follow this effective astrology remedy for debt. This remedy should only be done and performed during Shukla paksha. During this time, offer some jaggery mixed with flour and offer it to Lord Hanuman to witness positive results in your finance and wealth.
  • If your family doesn’t stay united and if there is an issue of discord in family, then you must do the following astrological remedy. For the best astrology solution and Vedic astrology remedies, consult our esteemed and experienced astrology consultants. You should consider grinding your flour (atta) from a local kiryana store, instead of directly buying it from the store. But, always keep in mind and make sure that you do on a Monday for best results and effects.

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