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Are You Having Problems in Terms of Acquiring Stability in Income?

By: Future Point | 19-Nov-2018
Views : 3132Are You Having Problems in Terms of Acquiring Stability in Income?

We have heard many times that - "Money is not everything!" Absolutely right. But, our experience of this brutally materialistic world says that - "Money is a Big Thing!" Therefore, we must not take money for granted. Rather, we must make sure that there is always a steady & abundant flow of income in our lives that is enough to ensure our survival on a decent basis.

However, there are many people in this world who face financial problems despite working extremely hard. Some people find themselves so deep in a financial turmoil that it seems nearly impossible for them to get out of it. While it is good that people work really hard to support themselves along with their families, but, after getting battered at the hands of destiny, it is only a matter of time when those people loose all hopes. Life, at times can be really nasty. It can very well test and eventually break our morale unless we act timely & accordingly to take charge of our own destiny.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is no less than a boon to humankind from the divinity. This ancient and age-old science has since times immemorial, proven to be incredibly efficient when it comes to future prediction and providing remedies that have the potential to alter the course of destiny! An astrology consultation with an experienced astrologer lets you know what the planets have in store for you.

Financial Astrology

It is the segment of astrology that analyzes the state of finances in your life signified by the planets & stars. The horoscope or kundli analyzed for decoding the state of finances in a native's life is called 'Finance Horoscope' or 'Finance Kundli'. Only a brilliant astrologer has the capability of examining the financial horoscope of an individual to reveal even the minutest of financial aspects signified in that individual's life.

Financial Astrology Report

This is the detailed work done by a financial astrologer which contains the comprehensive analysis of the state of finances in an individual's life. It contains incredibly powerful remedies that insulates the native from a financially turbulent time in the future and creates positive planetary influence in his/her life that attracts wealth & prosperity. Lal Kitab remedies for financial problems are also suggested which are famous for their strong result oriented approach towards the problem. Those of you, who recognize the value of making smart and timely decisions, this is the report that you should go for.

Which houses in a Financial Horoscope are looked to determine the State of Finances?

2nd House:

It is the prime house that signifies the bank balance or accumulated wealth in a native's life. As per financial astrology, malefic planets like Rahu (North Node of Moon), Ketu (South Node of Moon) and Saturn present in the 2nd house dents the attributes of bank balance or accumulate wealth in a native's life.

Plus, even the aspect of such malefic planets casts a negative shadow on this house. On the other hand, Jupiter is a planet that promotes gain of wealth and Mercury also favours commerce. Therefore, a 'strong' Jupiter and or Mercury placed in the 2nd house or casting an aspect on the 2nd house enhances the prospects of financial gains.

6th House:

This a very tricky house. It represents job along with competition and enemies as well! In order to have a good source of income especially if one is into the job sector, a strong and positive 6th house is a must. However, it is seen that in certain specific horoscopes, even malefic planets like Rahu and Saturn in the 6th house tend to behave in the favour of the native (if treated timely) after posing an initial round of hurdles.

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7th House:

This is the prime house of business. So, people who are into business must have a strong 7th house with benefic planet/s placed in it or casting an aspect on it. Presence of Saturn in this house gives delays in business orders, clearing of payments etc . However, Saturn in the sign of Libra in this house becomes very powerful as Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra.

This gives a positive push to the business prospects in a native's life. But, remember Saturn gives extreme swings both ways. So, one must treat all the negative aspects of Saturn in his/her life by performing remedial measures as suggested by an experienced astrologer. The presence of Rahu or Ketu in 7th house on the other hand, create unwanted friction in the business with severe regulatory hurdles from the authorities.

8th House:

This house represents sudden gains as well as sudden losses. It also signifies income or wealth through inheritance. Planets giving the results of 8th house along with 5th house (house of speculation) and 11th house (house of gains) signify a gain in lottery. Ketu in the 8th house, in particular promotes such gains.

10th House:

This is the house of profession and placement and aspects of benefic planets is a must as far as this house is concerned.

Note: Rahu in 10th house makes a person establish an empire and become a highly known & influential public figure, but it also brings tussle with administration as well.

11th House:

How can one ignore analyzing the house of gains, when it comes to assessing income? The 11th house paints a vivid picture of the state of finances in a native's life. It is said that in most cases, any planet present in the 11th house is more or less beneficial for finances.


Each planet is situated in a particular 30 degrees section of the Zodiac belt which is called as a 'sign'. Each house in the horoscope contains a sign depending upon the timings when the horoscope came into play. However, with in that house there are further degree-wise divisions that are called Nakshatras.

These Nakshatras are governed by different planets. So, it is very much possible that a planet, irrespective of being malefic or benefic, is giving results of good houses, but, placed in a Nakshatra governed by a planet that gives results of houses that are favourable. Hence, the overall result in the native's life will be contrary to general expectations.

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Now you understand, why it is extremely important to consult an experienced astrologer?


Dasha (Major Period of a Planet) in Operation:

Even if all other things are in-line, but the Dasha in operation is of a planet that is not conducive to stability in income, then it is likely to disturb the finances.

Planetary Transits in Operation:

The transits of planets in different houses cast their own cumulative influence on the overall picture. So, what are you waiting for? When it comes to having financial problems solutions consult with Future Point today itself! Our brilliant astrologers have decades of experience in making wealth predictions as per astrology for our countless clients worldwide in achieving their desired goals.

We provide effective, practical and powerful remedies that have the potential of warding off all negative influences from your life and attracting prosperity and making abundant wealth, a permanent reality in your life.

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