Anant Chaturdashi 2019: Vrat, Puja Vidhi, & Muhurat

By: Future Point | 11-Sep-2019
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Anant Chaturdashi 2019: Vrat, Puja Vidhi, & Muhurat

Anant Chaturdashi 2019: India is a land of diversity and culture where lots of festivals are celebrated. One of the prominent festivals celebrated with much zeal and zest in India is Anant Chaturthi, the festival which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu known as the Lord of several avatars. Lord Anant is one of the incarnations (Avatar) of Lord Vishnu.

Anant Chaturdashi holds great importance and value in the heart of the Hindu devotees. Anant Chaturdashi is also known as ‘Anant Chaudas’.

The festival of Anant Chaturdashi is celebrated on the 14th day in the Bhadrapada month during the Shukla Paksha according to the Hindu Calendar. The festival celebrates common brotherhood and the spirit of oneness as a sacred thread of cotton or silk with 14 knots is tied on the arm of the devotees. The same day is also famous for the ritual of Ganesh Visarjan.

Anant Chaturdashi Date in 2019

This year the grand occasion of Anant Chaturdashi 2019 festival will be celebrated on the 12th of September (Thursday). For Ganesh Visarjan, there are technically no rules to follow, as it all depends on the family traditions.

Anant Chaudas Muhurat

Anant Chaturdashi Puja Muhurat : 06:04:17 to 31:37:13
Duration: 25 Hour 32 Minute

Significance of Anant Chaturdashi

The festival of Anant Chaturdashi is celebrated as the day of Lord Vishnu. The lord created 14 loks, namely- Tal, Atal, Vital, Sutal, Talatal, Rasatal, Paatal, Bhi, Bhuva, Jan, Tap, Satya, Svar, and Mah. In order to follow and protect these, he came down to this mortal world in the form of 14 different avatars, which gave him the name of being infinite. He knew he had to save his people and his creations, for which these avatars played a major role. The Anant Chaturdashi fast also holds a major significance because it is believed that along with fasting on this day if any person recites the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra, all his/her wishes get fulfilled what he/she desires for from the Lord. This Vrat is done to obtain wealth, abundance, and prosperity in one's life. The fasting is prevalent in many states of India.

Significance of Anant Chaturdashi in Jainism

Anant Chaturdashi holds an essential significance in Jainism. As per the Hindu calendar, Digambar Jains observe the rituals of Paryushana Parva in the last 10 days of the Bhadra month. The last day of the Paryushan is celebrated on the eve of the Anant Chaturdashi festival. The worshipers observe a strict fast on this day. On this particular day, the 12th Tirthankara of Jains named as Lord Vasupujya had also attained nirvana. Thus, the sacred day of Anant Chaturdashi is very much important for Jain devotees.

How To perform Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Puja

There are certain traditions and customs associated with this festival. This day celebrates the infinite forms of the Lord Vishnu.

  • On this day, after a proper bath, take a bow and place a Kalash on the Pujan altar.
  • Establishment of a Kalash has an Ashtadal lotus made up of kush on a vase that can be installed, or if you wish one can also use a picture of Lord Vishnu.
  • After this, prepare a thread by dipping it in vermilion, saffron, and turmeric. It must have 14 knots and keep this thread in front of the idol of Lord Vishnu.
  • Now, worship the thread and the idol of the lord with the Shadoshopchar method and chant the mantra that is mentioned below.
  • After this, tie the sacred thread around your arm.
  • Men are supposed to tie it on their left arm and the women are supposed to wear it around their right arm.
  • At last, offer food to the Brahmans and accept the prasad with your entire family.


The Devotee should recite this powerful mantra in order to get blessings of Lord Vishnu.

अनंत संसार महासुमद्रे मग्रं समभ्युद्धर वासुदेव।
अनंतरूपे विनियोजयस्व ह्रानंतसूत्राय नमो नमस्ते।।

How to Perform Ganesh Visarjan Puja?

  • Perform Aarti before Ganesha Visarjan and be present with all the family members. The traditional Ganesh Mantras and the Aarti prayers should be chanted.
  • Start the Ganesh Visarjan Puja with Morning Aarti.
  • Sing the “Jai Ganesh Deva” chants while performing Aartis.
  • Distribute holy Prasad among all the family members.
  • Offer these five items – Oil lamps, Flowers, Incense, Fragrance and well-prepared delicacies to Lord Ganpati.
  • Five minutes prior to leaving the house, move the idol very slowly and slightly, about 1 inch forward. In short, you have to change the position of the idol a bit, which marks the completion of the Lord's stay at your place. It is important to take him to Visarjan with all the family members.
  • The devotee should be grateful to Lord Ganesha for visiting his/her home and thank him for bringing prosperity and auspiciousness.

Future Point wishes all its readers a Happy Anant Chaturdashi!
May Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha bless every household with their choicest blessings!

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