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An Encyclopaedia of Hindu Dream Interpretation Symbols and Meanings

By: Future Point | 25-Oct-2018
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An Encyclopaedia of Hindu Dream Interpretation Symbols and Meanings

In Vedic Hindu astrology, there is a unique and important astrological meaning of dreams in an individual’s life. Different dreams have different types of Vedic dream interpretation. As per Hindu religion and spirituality, dreams have the power and are capable to provide an insight into the future of the person, just like a window. A dream is a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that normally occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

Everybody dreams about some objects, emotions, certain characters, situations and other symbolic images that should be well interpreted to come out with a true picture and analysis. Some of the dreams are symbolic and acts as a messenger of good luck and fortune, while some bring bad luck, negativity, remorse and sadness in life.

The common dream interpretations are as follows:

  • Accident: If you dream of an accident, a personal affliction in the form of physical pain or an upcoming emotional hardship and turmoil is foreseen with this dream.
  • Accused: If you are being accused of something in your dream, then it is an indication that some type of misfortune is going to enter in your life and you should stay cautious from indulging in any type of fraudulent activities and deeds.
  • Anger: If in your dream, you are angry and showing anger to someone, then you may expect a rift or a big conflict with your closed ones, it can be from the family or friends.
  • Baby: If you see a baby in your dream, then it is indicative of bringing misfortune and sorrow in life.
  • Bachelor: Dreaming about a bachelor symbolizes that you may expect to meet a new friend very soon.
  • Cat: To see a cat in a dream has a very negative dream interpretation. It is symbolized by bringing in fraud, treachery, bad luck and misfortune in life.
  • Crow: Dreaming of a crow is all the worse. It represents that you may expect the death of someone in your family, friends or the nearest ones.
  • Death: If your dream interpretation death, then it is considered to be a good sign. A death seen in a dream is an illustration of a long, rich, happy and prosperous life in the future.
  • Devil: If you see a demon in your dream, then it is indicating great harm that may arise in the future.
  • Earthquake: In astrology, the dream interpretation of an earthquake symbolizes a great loss, be it physical, personal, emotional or professional.
  • Eclipse: This is probably one of the blackest dream interpretations. To see an eclipse in a dream indicates untimely death, loss of pleasure and hope and also your friendships may end with a heartbreaking betrayal.
  • Famine: To see famine in a dream indicates prosperity and happiness. It is symbolic of the beginning of a time full of love and pleasure.
  • Father: To see a dream about your father, it is symbolic of well-being and love. However, if you see your father dying in a dream, it is suggestive of great misfortune in the future.
  • Ghost: If you see a ghost in a dream, it is to be interpreted as a very bad omen. It symbolizes that your enemies will overpower you and you will encounter a great failure in life.
  • God: Although, not many people dream about God. But, if you do and did, then it is suggestive of a transforming process to be expecting soon in life.
  • Hanged: If you see a dream in which you are hanged, it is a good sign. It indicates that you will rise above society and will become famous.
  • Heaven: To dream of heaven denotes that you will have a happy life full of positivity and spirituality.
  • Ill: If you fall sick in your dream, it means that you can expect a great financial loss and misfortune in your life ahead.
  • Itch: If you are constantly itchy in your dream, it suggests that you are currently unhappy and unsatisfied in your life.
  • Prison: To dream about being in jail indicates a good sign. It will bring happiness and positivity in your life.
  • Journey: If you see a journey in a dream, then you may expect a great transformational change in the outlook of your life.
  • King: To see a king in a dream brings a lot of confidence, success, and fortune in life. You might have an opportunity in life with good leadership qualities in the future.
  • Light: In religion and spirituality, if you dream about light, it means you are going to meet the guiding mentor of your life very soon.
  • Murder: If you see murder in a dream, then a violent and criminal future of life awaits for you.
  • Nightmare: To dream a nightmare means you are surrounded by negative and unwise people.
  • Ocean: Dreaming of a peaceful and calm ocean indicates a peaceful and happy life.
  • Palace: A palace in a dream suggests that you will rise above your current financial stature in society.
  • River: A river in flood in a dream is indicative of great loss and should be taken as a warning of financial adversities.
  • Snakes: To dream of snakes means that you may have friends or relatives that will betray you in the future.
  • Thunder: To dream about thunder symbolizes a great personal & mental loss that might take place in life.
  • Water: This indicates the coming of a new family member. It can be in the form of a baby or a newly married couple.
  • Young: To see and dream about young people is a symbol of good, satisfies, successful and happy life.

Dreams have been there throughout since the beginning of time. There is often debate over whether dreams are important or insignificant. Although many people think that dreams are irrelevant and have no meaning to them, Astrology Prediction, research, and experimentation show that there can be many different interpretations and astrological meaning of dreams. They are basically the “hallucinations of the sleeping mind”. Dreams can also be extremely strange, disturbing, confusing, and even repetitive. This is where the interpretation of dreams comes into action and to know more about Vedic dream interpretation you can Talk to Astrologer.

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