9 Planets in Astrology and their Characteristics

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9 Planets in Astrology and their Characteristics

9 Planets and their Characteristics in Astrology: There is a great importance levied on the 9 Planets of Vedic Astrology. Every planet has its own characteristics and they affect a person differently. These planets cast a significant shadow on the lives of human beings, sometimes even altering their future. Each planet in Indian Astrology has a role to play, depending on their characteristics they bestow the native with certain life events which can either paint a smile on their faces or make them sick with worry. These planets in Vedic Astrology are namely, Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, & Mercury.

Role of planets in astrology

Planet Sun 

Planet Sun is the ruling planet or the center of the solar system. Therefore, Planet sun rules the center of one’s body. It is also associated with all the central things like central government, center position in an organization. In Hindu culture, people consider Planet sun as God. It provides life, force, and energy. It tells the purpose of life. It tells the main motive of an individual’s birth and focuses on why and for what one is here in this world. It also represents one’s high esteem. For removing the malefic effects of planet Sun one should pray to Planet sun. people can also do Surya Namaskar in order to regain the spirit and for improving eyesight on Sundays.

Planet Moon

Planet Moon is connected with one’s emotions and feelings. It gives a positive attitude to the native and he/she deals with even the adverse situations in an optimistic manner. While Planet Sun indicates a native’s public life and the position holding in the outside world. The moon shows the family and the private prospects of an individual. It indicates that such a person will possess a lot of love for his/her own country. Planet Moon is the lord of the 4th house. It symbolizes the mind and mother of a person. It makes a person cool and calm and gives a positive aura to the individual. Such a person should respect the mother and should not argue with her.

Planet Mercury

There is a great role of planets in Astrology. Another important planet is Mercury. If Mercury is positively posited in a native’s birth chart, then it bestows with good health, wealth, and speech. It is very beneficial for an individual as it blesses the native with great speaking and writing power. It also makes one intelligent and knowledgeable. Such a person is a multi-tasker as he/she can perform more than one task at a single point of time. It mainly signifies intellect, communication, thinking pattern, adaptability, logical reasoning, and justifying. Such a person will always be against the person who he/she doesn’t like. Such people should bury a copper vessel filled with honey in a cremation ground.

Planet Venus

Planet Venus symbolizes women and marriage prospects in any horoscope. It is also known as the Karak planet of the 7th house. This house shows the marriage prospects and different business partnerships of the person. It is correlated with all the luxuries and richness. If Venus is strong in a native’s Kundali with other planets, one can enjoy the love, care, and pleasures given by the partner. The married life of such a person will be good and full of comforts. Such a person can get married early. The natives can get associated with any fashion and beauty related work. One should respect his wife and should take care of her.

Planet Mars

Planet Mars bestows a good and strong personality to the native. It gives the native the courage to deal with different situations. It provides energy and encourages the natives to compete with enemies. It mainly represents the need to achieve desires, compete with enemies, and look good in front of others. According to Vedic astrology, Mars is known as Mangala, which signifies ego, confidence, and energy. It also blesses the native with physical strength to deal with situations. As a result, the native’s enemy does not even dare to face him/her. Such people should avoid talking to someone in a rude manner because then it can cause conflicts.

Planet Jupiter

Jupiter is the most important planet in Vedic astrology. Jupiter represents abundance, good fortune, success, prosperity, and wealth. It signifies the need for faith, support and especially self-confidence. It also develops the need to focus on ourselves and improve ourselves. Jupiter is a benefic planet it can never harm a person. It makes the person wise and gives him/her the ability to deal with situations. It also bends the native towards spiritualism. This planet can also enhance one’s respect and reputation in society. Such a person will do a very respectful job and will hold a very high position in an organization. The native should respect his/her Guru in order to be successful in life.

Planet Saturn

Planet Saturn blesses the native with everything he/she has ever asked for. It will be very propitious for the native in terms of health and well-being, wealth and prosperity. Such a native generally speaks the truth and hate those who lie. It is a fair planet and belives one should get that, what he/she actually deserves. It also enlightens the person spiritually. Saturn bestows a long life to the native. It works on the principles of karma and destiny. Some people consider it a malefic planet because it can give disappointment and dejection. Such a person should be very careful while driving because it can cause accidents and serious injuries.

Planet Rahu

Rahu is a shadow planet. Rahu is the north node of the moon. Rahu represents ego, power, and success in our lives. Rahu is a cunning and mischievous planet. Rahu also indicates one’s grandfather, this means it can also create harmful effects on the native’s grandfather. Rahu can give both negative and positive impacts. If it is posited in a benefic house then it can be highly beneficial for an individual but if it is posted in a negative one then it will only make an individual dissatisfied and depressed. The best remedy for such natives is to wear something of silver like a silver ring, pendant, etc.

Planet Ketu

Ketu is also a shadow planet. It symbolizes freedom or liberation from worldly affairs. These natives generally enjoy life at the expense of others, live in a rented house, use vehicles of others, etc. The planet Ketu also forms various bad Yogas when it is in conjunction with other planets. Ill-placed Ketu also provides many bad results in the life of native just like Rahu but the depth of bad results that they cause are lower in comparison to Planet Rahu. Planet Ketu is more moderate in comparison to Rahu.

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