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9 Unbelievable ways wearing rudraksha can benefit you!

By: Future Point | 13-Jun-2019
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9 Unbelievable ways wearing rudraksha can benefit you!

Everybody is looking for ways to attract wealth, happiness and sound health in life to make their experience of life, a blissful one. However, every pursuit must follow the right approach. An approach which is not only time tested but also divine & mystical in nature and has benefited humankind since times immemorial.

Not matter how much we grow in our capabilities in terms of shaping up the materialistic world around us, the scope & size of the subtle yet extremely powerful divine energies will always dwarf us. But if we choose wisely, then such energies are there in different forms to help us enhance our living experience in ways that are beyond the realms of our common understanding. One such divine form is 'Rudraksha'.

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What is a Rudraksha?

Rudraksha is made up of two words- Rudra + Aksha. Rudra is one of the many names of Lord Shiva and Aksha means 'Tears'. As per the holy Hindu scriptures, Lord Shiva once meditated for thousands of years for the benefit of humankind and at the end of His meditation when He opened His eyes, tears of divine ecstasy flowed from His eyes and when those tears fell on the ground, trees grew up bearing very unique beads as fruits.

These came to be known as Rudraksha beads or simply Rudraksha. Hence, Rudraksha is known for carrying for the power & energies of Lord Shiva's eyes. Rudraksha beads are also popularly referred as Rudraksha ratna. Rudraksha are of many types and their classification is done in the basis of their 'faces' marked by dividing lines on their surface.

A Rudraksha can be 'ek mukhi' (one faced) or dwi mukhi (two faced) and can go on till having 21 faces. Rudraksha trees are found in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India and also in Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and Myanmar.

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Keep in Mind

Rudraksha is undoubtedly a boon from the divine to humankind with so many amazing benefits that this sacred bead carries along. The benefits of Rudraksha makes it a must have 'sacred tool' for everyone. But, Rudraksha works in accordance with certain principles as described in the holy texts as well as in the science of Astrology.

Rudraksha recommendation through Astrology lets you know which Rudraksha is best for you as selection of a Rudraksha must be done very carefully. Selecting a type of Rudraksha that is not conducive with the planetary positioning as per your horoscope, can harm you instead of benefiting you. So always talk to an astrologer before opting for a particular type of Rudraksha.

9 Ways in which wearing a Rudraksha can benefit you!

  1. Rudraksha activates and further energizes the 'Chakras' or energy centres in your subtle body, resulting in a speedy spiritual growth and connecting you to the Supreme Consciousness.
  2. Rudraksha enhances the functioning capabilities of your nervous system making you more alert, responsive and capable of handling yourself in an efficient manner, no matter what the external situation is.
  3. Students find their memory power increasing and their focus enhancing after wearing a Rudraksha as this sacred bead strengthens the element of intelligence within a person.
  4. Healing energies flow from the Rudraksha beads in the form of electromagnetic energies which helps in curing many health problems, particularly problems related to blood pressure, heart, blood circulation and health issues like stress, hypertension and depression as well, sprouting from a hectic lifestyle.
  5. Rudraksha helps its wearer to get out of a debt cycle and brings wealth and abundance in that person's life by attracting highly prosperous divine energies of Goddess Lakshmi.
  6. As blessings of Lord Shiva, Rudraksha carries extremely positive spiritual energies with it and as a result, it wards off all evil energies harming you and creates a protective aura that shields you from black magic spells and ensures a life that is safe from malefic influences.
  7. Rudraksha makes you emerge victorious over all your enemies (both open as well as hidden) and successfully gets you out of all disputes including unjust litigation upon you. It turns the moves of your enemies intended to inflict harm on you, absolutely ineffective.
  8. Married couples who are going through a bitter time in their relationship or are at the brink of a divorce, find their marriage getting back on track because of the loving & harmonious energies that Rudraksha bestows upon a couple.
  9. Rudraksha is known for quickly attracting opportunities of growth in both business as well as job related professions. It is also known for resolving all property or inheritance related disputes in a person's life, thereby ensuring and protecting all that a person deserves as well as needs for leading a content, prosperous & successful life.

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So, what are you waiting for?

Bring in the grace of Lord Shiva in your life by going for the sacred Rudraksha bead.

We urge you to take a professional approach and consult with the highly experienced astrologers of Future Point because when it comes to identifying Rudraksha according to your Rashi or your Birth Horoscope, you must only trust the best in the entire astrological fraternity and that is- Future Point!

Future Point provides a comprehensive Rudraksha Report that reveals how you can have the amazing benefits of Rudraksha in your life to make it a manifestation of true success & ultimate bliss!

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