7 Effortless New Skills to Pick Up While at Home!

By: Future Point | 11-Sep-2020
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7 Effortless New Skills to Pick Up While at Home!

Abiding by the laws of the ‘New Normal’ many of us have had to stay cooped up at our homes. Resulting in either a depressive state or overthinking every little detail of our lives. No matter how many times we call our friends or relatives, it’s really hard to stay positive in such a gloomy time when every single country in our world is battling the pandemic. This ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ extraordinary situation has made us all feel some kind of way. But every opportunity comes with a way to turn our life for the better. 

It’s about time you take matters in your hand and start a new life! Instead of dwelling on how you’re trapped inside your homes (at least for the time being!) why not learn a thing or two to upgrade your existing skills. There are plenty of things you can do- Check out the list of 7 Things You can Learn during Quarantine that are sure to help you in the long run!

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  • Learn a New Language

With digital media being our tutor, it has become pretty easy to take up a new language! Considering the ample amount of time we have on our hands, it’s only viable that we put it to good use and learn a new language. This will not just add another merit in your resume, but also add a certain character. When you learn something new, your concentration power, memory, & analytical thinking gets a boost- helping you enhance your intra-personal skills tremendously. 

Several studies have found that those who continually work on enhancing their speaking skills through a new language are more likely to be better decision-makers than their fellow monolinguals. There are plenty of Universities which are offering Free Online courses to take up a new language at the moment. It’s not only a valuable addition, but one of the most useful gift you could probably give yourself this year!

  • Challenge Yourself to Take up a New Course Online

Several world-class universities are teaching Online Courses with e-books and course material easily available off the internet. Trust your instinct and learn something new that’ll hone your skills in your chosen area of expertise. There could be something that you always wanted to do, but were afraid or had your inhibitions. With the paradigm of the world shifting to digital platforms, you can easily enrol yourself in an online course and start your learning process instantly.

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  • Practice the art of Meditating

Adjusting to the post-Covid world can understandably be hard for many of us, that’s exactly where meditation comes to play. Cast your fears aside with an active lifestyle through Yoga & Meditation. Several digital platforms have come up with applications that help with anxiety and stress; considering most of us are feeling a little blue in this tumultuous time. 

With mindful living through an active lifestyle rendered by Yoga & Meditation you can build immunity and reduce the stress. A calmer mental space aids in improving the concentration and taper off the edge you’ve been feeling lately. Live a healthy and active lifestyle with Yoga and simple aerobic exercises that you can enjoy with your entire family by making it a fun activity that you enjoy together. This will not only improve your health, but also help bring the family closer.

  • Inculcate the habit of Reading

A wholesome life skill, reading can be the new addition you do in your life during this quarantine! From reading fictional novels by great authors, to magazines and self-help books- there are plenty of stuff available for one to read online. With readily accessible E-Books, you can introduce the habit of reading in your daily schedule quite effortlessly. Choose from a wide variety of options available on the internet and get your creative juices flowing with reading and perhaps writing. Instead of wasting your time browsing the social media, read a book about any topic that piques your interest. This will not only help you learn new words and improve your vocabulary, but also enhance your imaginative skills. 

An interesting way to get in touch with your inner feelings could be maintaining a journal, thus introducing the habit of writing. 

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  • Upcycle the waste at Home!

With climate change threatening our world, sustainability is the only way to go forward. Upcycling our waste into something useful can not only be a fun craft project, but also help the environment at the same time. Reusing waste to create something useful can be a worthwhile project for the entire family. With plenty of ideas available off the internet on upcycling furniture into something aesthetically pleasing. The world we live in today could actually benefit off the upcycling skill surely. 

  • Plant the seeds of a bright future!

With time on your hand, start planting a terrace garden, or better a herb garden right in your kitchen window. Trees and plants not only help maintain the balance in environment, they also keep our surroundings bright and green. With a lively vibe at home due to the green the plants emancipate, you can be in an effectively cheery mood throughout your day. Several studies have concluded that plants bring a positive change in our environment at home.

Start small with a tiny planter, or a herb plant. By taking care of a plant, you can indulge in a new hobby whilst beautifying your surroundings. Introduce new planters at home, hanging plants, ceramic pot holders, basket planters, vertical planters, or perhaps an entire garden on your terrace; whatever suits your interest. 

  • Start listening to Podcasts

Worth giving a shot, podcasts are a great way to keep anxiety and stress at bay. No matter what you're doing, you can plug in your earpods and listen to a podcast that piques your interest. These audio tracks feature stories, documentaries, interviews, and interesting educational topics to inspire, teach, and keep you updated on the recent topics. From History, culture, true crime, and modern discoveries to comedy- these Podcasts are great audiobooks to make good use of your time. The best part about podcasts is that you don't have to take out extra time from your schedule; just plug in your earphones or tune a podcast on your speakers, learning while on the move. 

Other notable skills worth mentioning!

There are plenty of other skills that can help you stay on your toes during these tough times and keep anxiety at bay.

  • Order some painting supplies and get creative! Becoming a better artist could've been on your agenda for the longest time but due to a cramped up schedule you never had the time to pursue arts. Now with quality of time on your hand, you can start painting.
  • Cooking new delicacies could be something that interests you, so why not work on it?! Enter the kitchen and master your culinary arts with new dishes and scrumptious meals for your entire family. 
  • Coding: learning a new computer language will not only help you out in your career, but also set you apart from others. Most universities are offering coding programmes online, so instead of wasting time, enrol yourself in a programming language of your choice and aim for the stars! 
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Keep in mind whatever you choose, the end goal must be to enhance your current situation. 

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