5 Zodiac Signs That Shiva Loves and Blesses on Mondays

By: Future Point | 20-Aug-2023
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5 Zodiac Signs That Shiva Loves and Blesses on Mondays

In the realm of astrology, Mondays hold a special significance as they are dedicated to Lord Shiva, the powerful and divine deity associated with destruction, transformation, and rejuvenation. Many believe that on Mondays, Lord Shiva's blessings are showered upon those born under specific zodiac signs. If you're curious to know whether you're one of the fortunate few, read on to discover the 5 zodiac signs that are believed to receive Lord Shiva's blessings on this sacred day.


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Aries: The Fiery Connection

Mondays are particularly auspicious for Aries individuals. The fiery nature of Aries resonates with Lord Shiva's energy as the Lord himself is often depicted engulfed in flames. Those born under Aries are known for their determination, courage, and fervor, qualities that align with the essence of Lord Shiva.

Remedy: Embrace Mondays' auspicious energy: meditate on determination, offer red flowers, and perform fire rituals for courage, aligning with Aries and Shiva.

Cancer: Embracing Transformation

Cancer, a water sign ruled by the moon, finds a deep connection with Lord Shiva's transformative energies. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, symbolizing change, Lord Shiva is the embodiment of destruction leading to rebirth. Cancer individuals, with their emotional depth and intuitive nature, are believed to receive Lord Shiva's blessings for personal growth on Mondays.

Remedy: Embrace Cancer's intuition: connect with Shiva's transformative energy on Mondays, fostering personal growth through emotional depth and lunar alignment.

Leo: The Strength of Devotion

Leo, known for its regal demeanor and unwavering confidence, shares a unique bond with Lord Shiva's steadfast devotion. Just as Lord Shiva's unwavering meditation led to his divine awakening, Leo individuals approach life with unwavering determination. Mondays are believed to amplify their ability to achieve their goals and receive blessings for a successful journey.

Remedy: Channel Leo's confidence: meditate with devotion on Mondays, drawing from Shiva's unwavering focus, for enhanced determination and success.


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Scorpio: Embracing Inner Power

Scorpio's intense and transformative nature aligns remarkably well with Lord Shiva's attributes. Just as Lord Shiva's portrayal includes a serpent coiled around his neck, denoting mastery over primal forces, Scorpio individuals possess the resilience to navigate life's intricacies and emerge fortified. Mondays are considered a time when they can receive blessings for inner strength and resilience.

Remedy: Harness Scorpio's intensity: on Mondays, reflect on Shiva's mastery over primal energies. Embrace inner power and resilience for life's challenges.

Pisces: Connecting with the Divine

Pisces, recognized for its profound spirituality and compassion, resonates with Lord Shiva's divine essence. Just as Pisceans aim to dissolve barriers and unite with the cosmos, Lord Shiva's cosmic dance embodies the interwoven nature of all life. Mondays are believed to amplify Pisces' spiritual voyage and their capacity to commune with the divine.

As you embrace the energies of Mondays and the blessings of Lord Shiva, remember that devotion, intention, and sincerity play a significant role in amplifying these celestial influences.

Remedy: Nurture Pisces' spirituality: meditate on Mondays to align with Shiva's cosmic dance, deepening the connection with the divine and universe.


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The belief in receiving Lord Shiva's blessings on Mondays is a testament to the profound connection between astrology and spirituality. Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Pisces are believed to be particularly aligned with Lord Shiva's energies on this sacred day. Through harnessing the distinct qualities of these zodiac signs, people can strengthen their link with the sacred and initiate a journey of profound change.

FAQs about Lord Shiva's Blessings and Zodiac Signs

Q1. Can people of other zodiac signs receive Lord Shiva's blessings on Mondays?

Yes, while these 5 zodiac signs are believed to have a special affinity, Lord Shiva's blessings are not limited to them. Devotion and sincerity are what truly matter.

Q2. How can one enhance the blessings of Lord Shiva on Mondays?

Engaging in meditation, prayers, and acts of kindness can help enhance the connection with Lord Shiva's blessings on Mondays.

Q3. Are there specific rituals for each zodiac sign to receive these blessings?

While there are no specific rituals tied to zodiac signs, performing general rituals such as lighting a diya (lamp) and offering water to the Shiva Linga can be spiritually enriching.

Q4. Can the alignment with Lord Shiva's blessings change over time?

Indeed, as people mature and develop, their spiritual bonds can shift. Staying receptive to fresh encounters and spiritual advancement holds significance.

Q5. How does belief in Lord Shiva's blessings impact one's life?

Belief in Lord Shiva's blessings can bring a sense of spiritual purpose, inner strength, and an increased connection with the divine energies, enriching various aspects of life.

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