Vastu Predictions 2020 for Zodiac Signs

Vastu Shastra is the ancient way of integrating astrology with architecture in order to create a beautiful space that channelizes only good vibes. Vastu can help tell the significance and importance of any object by considering its area, direction, placement, alignment, and layout. There are various Vastu tips for various corners and rooms of one’s house and their workplace. With tips & remedies coming in from Vastu Shastra principles, creating an energized space to maximize the returns- emotionally & physically.

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Vastu Shastra 2020 Predictions

As per the principles of Vastu Shastra, different zodiac signs are advised to follow a different approach. Here are the predictions for various zodiac signs for 2020:

Vastu Predictions for Aries

2020 will be fundamental for the natives of the zodiac sign, Aries. According to the Vastu Predictions for 2020, there is a high possibility of touching new heights with their ambitions getting fulfilled. Developing and accomplishing new plans will be much easier in 2020. There are high chances that the natives of the Aries sign will get into disputes and your flow of work will also be hampered. Attaining victory would be the easiest task this year. The health of these natives would be better than average and according to the Health Index, it would be 80%. The excessive workload might cause a mild headache but all you need to care for is your eating habits. The feeling of selfishness might cause a feeling of jealousy and arrogance towards other people but your career index is quite good and will be sky-rocketing at 90%, this year. The year 2020 will treat you in the right way and you will be happy throughout the year.

Vastu Tips for Aries

Here are the vastu tips that must be followed by the natives of Aries in 2020:

  • For a South facing house, plant a Hawthorn plant to extract benefits.
  • The native must plant a tree of peepal in some public place.
  • In the north direction of the house, one must plant flowering plants.

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Vastu Prediction for Taurus

The natives of the Taurus zodiac sign are expected to act smartly and take their decisions after analyzing all the factors. A feeling of dissatisfaction might run in their brains because of their conventional thinking. The creative natives will be inclined towards their innovative and artistic side in the year 2020. These natives might gain a reputation of a great orator because of their great speaking skills. Taurus natives are expected to have exceptionally great health throughout the year except for some time where they might suffer minor diseases such as water-borne diseases. The natives are advised to exercise daily to avoid a lazy lifestyle. These natives will remain happy and gain the trust of their family members and their friends. They might face jealousy from the people around them. Their career will go at an average pace. Those in the automobile sector will have a really auspicious year. Natives associated with the Jewelry or ornamental business will see a bit of surge in their sales.

Vastu tips for Taurus

Here are the vastu tips that must be followed by the natives of Taurus in 2020:

  • In the west direction of the house, a crystal ball must be hanged for auspicious results.
  • Keeping a silver pyramid chip for the Taurus natives will extract good results.
  • If the native is suffering from insomnia, they should plant a Crape Jasmine.
  • Placing a heavy object in the south-west direction will bring favorable vastu for the natives.

Vastu Predictions for Gemini

The year 2020 is going to be really challenging for the natives of Gemini. All these challenges will require a deep understanding of your perspective on how to tackle them. Being oversensitive to things will only increase your problems. Health will be a major concern for these natives as the health index does not display good numbers. The possibility of diseases such as bronchitis and eosinophilia are really high. They might have to face unfaithfulness from their partners and friends. They need to remain cautious regarding the same. They will share a special connection with their loved ones throughout the year. They are advised to remain faithful irrespective of the conditions that arise between them. The natives connected with the tourism sector will succeed in their endeavors. Stock related trading would be on your side. There might be fewer opportunities this year, so one needs to make sure to grab on to the ones that resonates with even the slightest of growth.

Vastu Tips for Gemini

Here are the vastu tips that must be followed by the natives of Gemini in 2020:

  • Ketu Pyramid must be installed at their houses.
  • Any image or statue made of ivory must be eliminated from the house.
  • The Divine powder must be used while cleaning the house, at least once a week.

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Vastu Predictions for Cancer

The natives of the Cancer sign are expected to have a great year as per Vastu Predictions 2020. With the help of some concentration and logic, the natives will be able to achieve all the tasks. They are expected to live their life to the full and enjoy high living standards. Their health will remain good throughout the year. But the patients suffering from asthma and heart-related diseases must remain cautious and alert during this year. Minor problems like cough, cold or flu will be common this year. One might become over-emotional which might hamper the decisions that they make. The stock market will produce good results for them and investing money would be a great idea during this year. People associated with marine businesses will get great profits this year.

Vastu Tips for Cancer

Here are the vastu tips that must be followed by the natives of Cancer in 2020:

  • A vessel full of Gangajal must be placed in the northeast direction of the house.
  • Surya Yantra in the east direction will give the natives auspicious results.
  • Having a picture of a running horse is highly recommended in your house.

Vastu Predictions for Leo

The natives of the Leo zodiac sign must keep an optimistic point of view for everything that surrounds them. Their stubborn nature will be criticized by people around them and they need to counter it by keeping themselves happy and expressing themselves in the best possible way. Leos are expected to have great health during this year apart from the few minor hiccups, like pain in the joints. The natives will get a lot of love in 2020, including the love & support from their friends wholeheartedly. The career graph of these natives will remain high throughout the year. Capital investment is expected to get them good profits. Entertainment industry related natives along with the medicine-related natives will enjoy a really auspicious year.

Vastu tips for Leo

Here are the vastu tips that must be followed by the natives of Leo in 2020:

  • Planting a Kadamba tree in some public place will extract good results for the native.
  • Planting flowers and seedlings in the eastern part of the house.
  • Applying tilak made of turmeric and Kesar before leaving the house.
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    Vastu Predictions for Virgo

    Vastu Predictions 2020 presages that the natives of the Virgo zodiac sign should remain cautious while listening to the instructions of any task. Despite the fact that these natives like to do things their way, they will display social activities and try to mix up with other people. Executing tasks and accomplishing targets won’t be a tough task. One will have great health except for mild pain in the arms and shoulders because of chronic fatigue. These natives are advised to keep their nature soft and delicate. You are advised to try and avoid elusive people. This 2020 won’t be good for elder people and can cause a lot of trouble for them. One will face an average career throughout the year, but it can be really auspicious for certain company planners. People related to agriculture will have increased profits in 2020.

    Vastu Tips for Virgo

    Here are the vastu tips that must be followed by the natives of Virgo in 2020:

    • The north direction of the house must be energized with an idol or picture of Lord Ganesha.
    • A banana tree can be planted in the northeast direction of the house.
    • These natives can place a crystal plant in the northern direction of the house to extract good results.

    Vastu Predictions for Libra

    According to the Vastu predictions for 2020, Libras are going to face a lot of problems in decision making this year. It is advised that they must try harder to lead a balanced lifestyle whilst focussing on the present. The natives are expected to complete all their tasks in the team and with great efficiency. The health of the natives will remain good except for some hormonal diseases this year. One might also face some airborne diseases. In 2020, these natives will get to spend time with their family & loved ones, which will further let them enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. One needs to take practical decisions despite them being a beauty lover. Painters, cartoonists, and designers will face a really auspicious year. Favorable results will help the natives to earn more income.

    Vastu Tips for Libra

    Here are the vastu tips that must be followed by the natives of Libra in 2020:

    • A bamboo plant must be planted in the southeastern direction of the house.
    • Placing a red bulb in the southern direction of the house enhances Vastu.
    • A picture of a mountain in the southern direction will be really auspicious.

    Vastu Predictions for Scorpio

    The natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign will have a year full of confidence. Mental strength is supposed to get strong and these natives will develop a better sense of understanding during this year. Imagination and courage will help them to develop proficiency in various fields. Their health is expected to remain good throughout the year. Their restlessness can lead to insomnia but that is the maximum that will happen. They will remain in a pleasant mood and despite there being challenging situations- they will be able to overcome them really easily. These natives might attract a lot of people around them and their influential approach will magnetize more people towards them. Emotion is one thing you need to control during 2020. These natives are advised to remain cautious and avoid any sort of controversial matters. Their career might reach new heights and discovering various sources of income will be really easy during this year.

    Vastu Tips for Scorpio

    Here are the vastu tips that must be followed by the natives of Scorpio in 2020:

    • These natives need to throw out any sort of junk that is present in their houses.
    • A fish aquarium placed on the northeast side of the house will enhance their fortune.
    • The north direction of the house must be illuminated.

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    Vastu Predictions for Sagittarius

    The natives of the Sagittarius sign are expected to face a challenging 2020. As per the predictions of Vedic Astrology 2020 and Vastu Tips for 2020, these natives will get to travel a lot and will make quick decisions by following their instincts. They are expected to remain in a peaceful mode this year. These natives have a cheerful personality and will remain in good health except for some blood-related diseases that might disturb them during this year. These natives need to exercise regularly otherwise they will become obese. Liver patients need to remain cautious regarding their health. They must stay hydrated and maintain their good eating habits. They will remain happy this year and their freedom won’t be compromised, no matter what the situation is. They will be able to present their ideas in the best possible way and people will also listen to them.

    Vastu Tips for Sagittarius

    Here are the vastu tips that must be followed by the natives of Sagittarius in 2020:

    • The place where the water is stored must be cleaned thoroughly.
    • Placing a laughing buddha in the house will attract benefits from various sources.
    • The mirrors must be fixed at a certain position and must be fixed properly to the walls.

    Vastu Predictions for Capricorn

    2020 is going to be an ordinary year for the natives of Capricorn zodiac sign. They will adapt to the conventional lifestyle which will make their life much easier. The conventional approach will make their life easier and much more sorted than before. They will also be able to overcome their fears. Self-discipline will inculcate in these natives which will lead them towards a healthier lifestyle. They will remain in good health except for a minor problem in their digestive system. They will remain happy throughout the year and unmarried natives are expected to encounter their life partner during this year. The Capricorn natives will attain high monetary returns along with the support from superiors and colleagues in the workplace. Doctors and lawyers are expected to have a really good year in monetary terms.

    Vastu Tips for Capricorn

    Here are the vastu tips that must be followed by the natives of Capricorn in 2020:

    • Southeast direction of the house must be adorned with a lavender plant.
    • The natives must hang golden wind chimes in the northeast direction of the house.
    • A Sphatik Yantra can be installed in the house for having a positive Vastu impact.

    Vastu Predictions for Aquarius

    The natives of the Aquarius zodiac sign are expected to have an amazing 2020. They will develop some amazing psychic abilities with great counseling techniques. The natives are expected to get individual freedom and along with which, they will develop a really strong will to move boulders to achieve all their dreams. Innovative plans and creative mindset will help them to stand out from the rest of the crowd. They might have to face some health issues related to their liver and gall bladder. They need to keep themselves in great health and also go for routine checkups to stay updated regarding their health conditions. Remaining happy won’t be a tough task for them but they need to eliminate and discard friends who take advantage of them. They will encounter many new people, some of whom are going to stick with them throughout their life.

    Vastu Tips for Aquarius

    Here are the vastu tips that must be followed by the natives of Capricorn in 2020:

    • The natives must plant some flower pots in the north or the east direction of their house.
    • They can put up a light purple colored cloth in the southeastern part to enhance Vastu at their homes.
    • Blue flowers are considered to be really fortunate for them.

    Vastu Predictions for Pisces

    The natives of the Pisces zodiac sign are expected to have an average 2020. They will battle with their mood swings and negative thinking but will remain generous throughout the year. They will be able to forgive all the people that have done them wrong and will move forward from that situation. Their faith and devotion regarding their religious activities will enhance their confidence. Temptation in the form of drugs or alcohol might pique your interest in this duration, you are however advised to stay away from this and not get drawn into anything shady. Their hunger might increase with each passing day. They will remain happy with a sense of awakening and self-sacrifice within themselves. These natives would love to stay home and also these natives will detach themselves from the unwanted people around them. The businessmen are expected to have a great year in terms of monetary benefits.

    Vastu Tips for Pisces

    Here are the vastu tips that must be followed by the natives of Pisces in 2020:

    • A picture of laughing children in the house might enhance Vastu for these natives.
    • A Chandni plant in the garden of the house will bring fortune for them.
    • The north direction of the house must be kept clean at all points of time.

    Following the above mentioned Vastu tips for the respective zodiac signs will help one get through 2020 in the most appropriate manner and will enhance the maximum benefits. One can always consult a Vastu expert available at Future point in order to perform everything in the correct manner and to lead a healthy and peaceful life.



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