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FutureSamachar Magazine is the most widely circulated monthly astrological magazine in Hindi. It contains current topics and information related to astrological activities...Read More

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Welcome to Future Point Indian Astrology

Future Point Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading astrological organizations in the world and is very popular in masses for its astrological services and products. It is one of the most recognized institutions known for rendering quality services in the field of astrology and Vedic sciences. The remarkable efforts of Future Point in reviving and revitalizing India's heritage of Vedic sciences are worth appreciation.

Future Point has published several books on astrology, horoscope 2018 reading, kundali matching, numerology, vastu and palmistry and one learns very easily that how to make predictions for the current year for example there is a book on transit prediction which shall enable the astrologers to make predictions for the year 2018 or any year. In this portal also you shall be reading several articles dealing with various areas of life and mundane astrology for the year 2018, like yearly forecast, Rashiphal, Bollywood, political conditions, cricket and natural calamities, your love life, earthquakes, transit, precautions and remedies for you, celebrities, Also you can find out about 2018 with how will be the year 2018 for you, India in 2018, world in 2018, sensex in 2018, dollar in 2018, gold in 2018, weather in 2018 so on and so forth.

Various Horoscopes

The astrology text Transit is not only helpful in making yearly predictions but it can also give you an overview of probable events by designing the monthly prediction, weekly predictions and horoscope today. You can get your all types of horoscopes like love horoscope, health horoscope, business horoscope, finance horoscope, family horoscope, career horoscope, job horoscope, business horoscope, partnership horoscope, income horoscope and share market horoscope.

Future Point has designed all types of horoscopes like Kundli Darpan, Kundli Milan, Bhrigu Patrika, Lal Kitab Horoscope, Varshphal etc.

Astrology Institute AIFAS

All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies established by Future Point is a pioneer in teaching astrology, numerology, tarot and palmistry. After doing these courses the students of astrology and other allied sciences learn how to read horoscopes, do Kundli matching and make predictions on the basis of astrology, numerology palmistry and tarot as all the fundamental principles of these esoteric subjects are taught under one roof thoroughly.

Astrology Magazines

The astrology magazines of Future Point also make it easier for the astrologers to understand the intricacies of horoscope 2018 reading as the principles are simplified with the illustrations and examples in these magazines.

Apart from books and magazine there is one online magazine by the name which contains unlimited number of articles with the detailed and in depth study of topics like astrology, horoscope 2018 reading, match making, numerology, palmistry, vastu and tarot and other related subjects.

CD's on Astrology

Future Point has also designed several CD's in which the distinguished and learned scholars describe the secrets of astrology, horoscope reading, Kundli making, astrology predictions and other methods of clairvoyance.

Kundli Software

The research work and efforts of Future Point from last 30 years were entirely focused on creating Kundli software which could cater the needs of astrologers in getting all sorts of horoscopes along with the quick analysis of horoscope matching / Kundali matching and prediction from the day when it created the astrology software for the first time.

Now after the current up gradations in this Kundli software the Kundli matching no longer remains a tedious task and apart from that this Horoscope 2018 software today makes accurate calculations, display and print planet positions in charts, save and retrieve individuals' data to and from database files, compare the planet positions of different charts to find the astrological aspects between them (e.g. for compatibility), calculate the dates of important events in the future for a chart and re -search the saved chart.

Astrology software/Kundli Software Leostar is the upgraded version of Leo Gold which was developed in 1978 and originally launched in the year 1987. The value of this astrology software lies in its credibility and accuracy. The modern technology has brought revolution in the field of astrology by making it available on mobile phone too. Future Point has become a leading name for making astrology reach to common man through its various astrological softwares especially LeoTouch.

Everyone is carrying a phone in their pocket and LeoTouch is there to solve your queries whether you are in car, facing traffic jam, in train or plane or in a function, you can be the center of attraction by displaying your smart phone with latest astrological software LeoTouch. Whether it’s general horoscope 2018, Kundali matching, numerology report or Lal kitab remedies, you can quench the thirst of questions any time anywhere for any birth place in few minutes.

Research Work, Conferences & Workshops in Astrology

With the utilization of modern development in astrology the Kundli software of Future Point not only the astrologers are able to cast horoscopes instantly but it also helps them do research work in the field of astrology and horoscope 2018 reading easily. AIFAS remain fully engaged in doing research work in astrology and Future Point & AIFAS together organize astrology conferences / workshops on national and international level regularly.

Products, Remedies & Astrology Consultation

All astrology products like gems, Yantras, rosaries, rings, pendants, Rudrakshas, crystals, Parad items etc are available in Future Point and this organization is considered most believed organization for obtaining such products.

Future Point also provides on line an in person consultation through astrology, palmistry, numerology and tarot.

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