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Lagan, Chandra, Navmansha Kundli, Niryana Chalit, Bhav Chalit, vimshottari Dasha, Favourable Points, Gem Selections, Personality & Family Predictions, Akshkoot Milan

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Teva - Birth charts, Planet Degree. Chalit, Shodashvarg Charts & Friendship Tables. Dasha systems of 7 types – Vimsottari, Yogini, Char, Ashtottari, Tribhagi, Kal Chakra & Sodashottari. Vimshottaridasha up to 5 levels – Mahadasha, Antaradsha, Pratyantardasha, Sookshma & Prandasha. Saturn Sadesati, Manglik Vichar, Kaal Sarp Yog, Remedies by Gem Stones, Mantras & Donations. Navansh, 9 Planets & 12 House Readings.

Tables – Astrological tables required in every day use Avakhada, Ashtakvarga, Festivals Hindus & others, Mantra, Matching, Muhurat Vivah, Names, Numerology, Rahu Kaal, Yoga Varshphal / 249.

Matching - Birth charts of Bride & Groom, Degree of Planets, Moon Chart & Navamsha Chart. Ashtakoot Gun Matching, Manglik Matchmaking & conclusion. 3 Systems of Matching - Traditional, north Indian & Gujarati

Matching with analysis - Analysis of Health, Nature, Children, Wealth & Relations with in laws as per Matching

Astrology - Shadbal, Jaimini, Karakavastha, Sudershan Chakra, KP System, KP Significator, Shodasvarga Tables, Upgraha, Sannadi Chakra, Prasthar Ashtakvarga, Ashtakvarga Chart & Ashtak ascendant. Nakshatra Reading, Mahadasha & Antardasha analysis & Transit predictions for next 30 years. More than 500 yogas.Transits to view planets moving around the natal horoscope.

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