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Residential Energy Cleansing


by: Mr. Jayant Pandey

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Vastu Dosha can be due to various reasons, but one thing certain from it is a negative impact on the dwellers of the home. Residential spaces contain charges and vibes, which makes it important to calm the space down so it can positively impact the people residing in that space.

Energy Vastu by Mr. Jayant Pandey tackles such cases wherein the living spaces and homes contain a negative charge due to either vastu dosha due to direction (home entrance in the wrong direction), accumulation of negativity due to metals, Geopathic Stress (which can create disturbed aura and accidental zones in the house), Minerals & deposits present in the land where the residence is built, spiritual & ancestral energy, Evil spirits (if any present in the surrounding), and the 45 deities that reside in any living space.