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"Create a sacred space with Energy Vastu Consultation by Vastu Expert Mr. Jayant Pandey from Future Point!"


A prolific Vastu Expert & Astrologer, Mr. Jayant Pandey has been a favorite of numerous celebrities & industrialists due to his holistic approach to energy balancing. He believes in the science of chakra healing & practices Energy Vastu, a form of Vastu Shastra that focuses on cleansing the aura and vibes of a certain space to eliminate all obstacles in the path of happiness.

An ardent believer of the holistic practice of Energy Vastu, Mr. Jayant Pandey figures out the negative energy a place possesses along with the cause behind it. Experience the joy of living & thriving in life through positive energy!

Vastu Consultant Online, Mr. Jayant Pandey is the founder of Kaatyaayani Jyotish and has been termed as one of the biggest Brand Name Astrologers in India. Being the Vice President of All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies (AIFAS), he has been lauded for his efforts in reviving the mystical ways astrology works to help live an easy life. With his extensive research on energy cleansing and how effective Vastu remedies are, he formulated a special way to amalgamate energy healing with Vastu.

A celebrity Energy Vastu Expert, Mr. Pandey curated a simple yet highly powerful way to relieve stress and obstacles from one’s life, so that they can enjoy the beauty of life and get their body, mind, and soul in perfect alignment with nature.

Services Offered by Energy Vastu Exper Mr. Jayant Pandey

Being a Brand Astrologer, Mr. Jayant Pandey has contributed his knowledge to famous brands and huge industrialists for the betterment of Business Logo Creation, Business Card, Best name selection of the organization, and creation of a positive work environment to boost-up the business.

Personal Energy Cleansing:

The above-stated method accounts for the most mystical part of energy cleansing. With his knowledge and expertise, he gives consultation in-person with proper guidance to remove the negative energy from the person’s mind, body, and soul along with space cleansing as well. Energies and vibes play a major role in the overall demeanor of a person along with the quality of life they live. With face-to-face consultation, Mr. Jaynat Pandey does a detailed Chakra Analysis and suggests remedies that will help create a balance of the aforementioned chakras. With energized gemstone remedies, he suggests the gems that suit the energy of our body and the space we inhabit to reach the most profitable outcome.

With the help of Personal Energy Cleansing session, you can:

  • Increase the joy & beauty of your life with a balance in the energies of the place.
  • Release the tension and stress from geopathic as well as internal & external factors.
  • Works on Chakra Frequency to bring a balance of energy.
  • Vastu Remedies for removal of malefic energies from body & living space.
  • Create a breakthrough in your finances, love life, career, & relationships.
  • Move past the trials and tribulations to achieve bigger things in life.

The face-to-face guidance provided by Mr. Jayant Pandey for energy cleansing is a gentle yet powerfully mystical way to experience a major change in your life!

Residential Energy Cleansing

Vastu Dosha can be due to various reasons, but one thing certain from it is a negative impact on the dwellers of the home. Residential spaces contain charges and vibes, which makes it important to calm the space down so it can positively impact the people residing in that space.

Energy Vastu by Mr. Jayant Pandey tackles such cases wherein the living spaces and homes contain a negative charge due to either vastu dosha due to direction (home entrance in the wrong direction), accumulation of negativity due to metals, Geopathic Stress (which can create disturbed aura and accidental zones in the house), Minerals & deposits present in the land where the residence is built, spiritual & ancestral energy, Evil spirits (if any present in the surrounding), and the 45 deities that reside in any living space.

A Residential Energy Cleansing would incorporate various such methods to check the presence of any such negative or malefic factor, along with highly powerful remedies suggested by Mr. Pandey.

Note: This Vastu Consultation would also include a Spot visit by our expert’s team.

Commercial Energy Cleansing

Energy Vastu works on a 16 directional approach, wherein even the minutest of Vastu Dosha in directions are checked and looked further upon. The Vastu Specialist, Mr. Jayant Pandey provides Energy Cleansing Vastu Session for Commercial Spaces as well, wherein he pays attention to the energy a business place inhabits. In order to have a successful profit-making business, one must pay attention to the vastu of their Industry and if it blends well with the principles of Vastu Shastra. Energy Cleaning in such places brings out the negative forces working against the profitability of the business. Being the Top Vastu Expert in India, Mr. Jayant Pandey can be contacted for Vastu Consultations online, as well as in person.

Note: The Residential Energy Cleansing Session would include a spot visit by Mr. Pandey’s team.

Create a sacred space with Energy Vastu Consultation by Vastu Expert Mr. Jayant Pandey from Future Point!

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