Dhanvantri Upasna Yantra

Lord Dhanvantri is called the Father of Medical Sciences and had complete knowledge of health, long life, and medicine. Placing the Yantra at your residence is very beneficial for your health. It eliminates all the negative vibes and energy from the surroundings and brings positivity and good health to the worshipper. Praying to Lord Dhanvantri will heal your all health problems and aid you in leading a healthy life and maintaining a proper lifestyle.

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The Dhanvantri yantra is etched with the image of Lord Dhanvantri on a copper plate. The yantra is a great conductor of cosmic energy and it is a tool for bringing up harmony, peace, prosperity, good health, and meditation. Yantra consists of a series of geometric patterns and a person can meditate and concentrate towards the centre point of Yantra to increase his/her level of concentration and consciousness. The energized Yantra keeps the family members healthy and protected, also medicines work efficiently and give recovery early.

Dhanvantri Yantra is the solution to cure all your health issues. Lord Dhanvantri encompasses you with his positive vibrations, which eliminates any diseases or infections from your body because of which you get free from all issues surrounding your wellbeing. The Dhanvantri Yantra is an impeccable method of keeping all ailments at bay!

Lord Dhanvantri is also known as the father of Ayurveda as Ayurveda roots back to the Vedic time and it has been passing down from generations to generations. The Dhanvantri Yantra is very useful to the people who are suffering from serious health ailments or are deprived of happiness and are facing chaotic situations in life. This is an excellent tool for those with deteriorating mental health.


The recitation of the following mantras will enhance the power of the Dhanvantri Yantra and give the best results :

“Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Dhanvantraye”
“Amritha Kalasa Hasthaaya Sarvaamaya Vinashanaaya”
“Thrilokhya Nathaya Vishnave Namaha”

How to use Dhanvantri Upasna Yantra:

The steps to be followed for using the Dhanvantri Yantra are:

  • Place the Yantra facing either the East or the North direction in a clean and sacred place.
  • The Yantra should not be touched by random people and it can only be touched by you, as it is energised.
  • Wash the Yantra on regular intervals and wipe it off to dry. The Yantra may lose its colour but it does not affect the power of Yantra
  • Place Sandalwood Paste on four corners and in the center of the Yantra.
  • Light a Candle or an Incense stick to purify the atmosphere in front of the Yantra.
  • Chant the Mantras you know, after taking a shower.

Benefits Of the Dhanvantri Upasna Yantra

If you possess Dhanvantri Upasna Yantra, you will have the following benefits :

  • It changes your aura energy and helps to boost up your immunity.
  • Helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle and protects you from diseases.
  • It can change the lives of people, who are:
    • suffering from serious health problems.
    • People who are working hard to live a peaceful and happy life.
    • People who want to have a positive change in their lives.

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Dhanvantri Upasna Yantra