Sampurn Sri Yantra

Sampoorna Shri Yantra is the most powerful yantra and also referred to as the king of all Yantras. The Yantra is great for increasing contemplation, concentration, and meditation. This Yantra is worshipped to eliminate all hints of anxiety, depression, and stress from one’s life. It is said that the Sampoorna Shri Yantra has the presence of Goddess Tripusundari. The Yantra is also called “The instrument of Wealth”. The “Shri” in Sampoorna Shri Yantra stands for wealth.



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The Yantra is usually made on a copper or brass plate. The Sampoorna Sri Yantra should be properly energized before you can use it in any way. If the Yantra is not energized, you may feel the adverse effects and consequences of using the negatively charged Yantra.

There are times when the power of any of the single Yantra cannot solve the situation or improve your condition, then a specific set of Yantras known as Sampoorna Shri Yantra is used for solving the problem and helping the person to achieve what he/she desires. It has a specific geometric pattern which helps solve the situation. The Sampoorna Shri Yantra has all the 13 Yantras in it which are inscribed in a special way so that they do not hamper the powers of each other.

The 13 yantras inscribed in Sampoorna Shri Yantra are:

1. Shree Yantra (Centre)

2. Kuber Yantra

3. Kanakdhara Yantra

4. Saraswati Yantra

5. Chandra Yantra

6. Vastu Dosa Nivaran Yantra

7. Durga Bisa Yantra

8. Sukh Samridhi Yantra

9. Santan Gopal Yantra

10. Vyapaar Vriddhi Yantra

11. Sampoorna Mahalaxmi Yantra

12. Lakshmi Ganesha Yantra

13. Navgrah Yantra


The recitation of the following mantras will enhance the power of the yantra and give the best results:

"Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalal Yee Praseed, Praseed, Shreem, Hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmi Yee Namah"


There are some steps to using the Sampoorna Shri Yantra. Before using the Ratna, one person should energize the Ratna properly and then only use it afterwards. The Yantras when energized, then only negative energy is eliminated and the Yantra can be used. It gives adverse effects.

The Yantras are usually charged before they are delivered to you, but still if you want to charge your Yantra you can do it on your own by the following ways:

After having a bath on Friday morning, wash your yantra with clean water and then wipe it off and place it on to the worshipping place of yours. Then light a candle or an incense stick and recite the Mantra in front of the Yantra 108 times and this will charge the Yantra’s energy and also will energize it.

Importance of Sampoorna Shri Yantra

If you possess Sampoorna Shri Yantra, you will have the following benefits :

  • The Sampoorna Shri Yantra will help you get rid of Anxiety, Depression, and Stress.
  • You will have many health benefits.
  • Acquisition of wealth won’t be an issue.
  • You will achieve success in your desired field.
  • The interaction with the social world and social interaction will increase.
  • You will enjoy all luxuries and material comfort.

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Sampurn Sri Yantra