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Rudraksha Mala For Jap

Rudraksha Mala For Jap This mala is for Jap purposes. Any type of Mantras to be recited can be recited on this Rudraksha Jap Mala


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Introduction: A rosary of Rudraksha is considered to be the best for Siddhis and Japs. Any type of Jap can be performed with a Rudraksha rosary. It is useful for children and elders all. A rosary of one to 108 beads of Rudraksha can be worn and for Jap it might be of 27 to 108 beads.

In different classics, it has been mentioned that it is useful to wear as many beads of Rudraksha as is possible. A rosary of pure beads of Rudraksha is very much useful and keeps the blood pressure of the person, who wears it, normal and makes him/her virile. It is also useful in the development of ones intellectual faculty. It renders mental peace to the person and benefits in business and trade.  

Use:Keep a rosary of Chhahmukhi Rudraksha in a bowl full of water and take this water on an interval of 24 hours in morning before taking anything. The Rudraksha water thus taken regularly saves the person from abnormal blood pressure and heart diseases and diseases related to stomach and uterus.

Those suffering from mental derangement and those who do intellectual work should keep a rosary of Rudraksha in a silver bowl full of water and take this water on an interval of 24 hours regularly in morning before taking anything. This will make them virile.

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Rudraksha Mala For Jap


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