Thirteen Faced Rudraksha

Thirteen Mukhi or Thirteen faced Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Indra (Lord of all Gods). The wearer is able to enjoy all the earthly pleasures and comforts. The 13 faced Rudraksha is very hard to find and is considered a rare Rudraksha but it contains immense powers. It helps in attaining Moksha (Salvation) and is often used to increase attraction and to attain a sound mind and body and get various luxuries. All your wishes can be fulfilled by mere possessing it. The possessor is blessed with complete manhood. It is also considered as the symbol of Kamadeva (Lord of desires). The people who are engaged in any work related to medicine, research, etc can get great success after wearing this Rudraksha.


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Planet Venus is the ruling planet of Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha. It removes the malefic effects of the planet, Venus and increases a person’s charm and popularity. It entices religious fulfillment, worldly pleasures, luxuries, etc. Thirteen faced Rudraksha is a very rare bead and it blesses the wearer with secret wealth and a high-level commanding position. This gives great knowledge, good oratory skills, and debating power to a person. It prevents muscle-related diseases like a problem related to the throat, neck, kidney, liver, etc.

This Rudraksha contains Thirteen lines or Mukhs on its surface. It gives the blessings of Lord Indra who brings success, wealth, and prosperity and Lord Kamadeva who gives all the worldly pleasures and increases the charm of a person. Its properties are similar to that of a Six Mukhi and help in meditation and spiritual attainment. It makes sure that the individual gets victory in the most difficult situations and is also used by the people who are in the hope of getting their true love.

Purpose of 13 Faced Rudraksha

To get perfection in life and to get the blessings of Lord Indra and Kamadeva. It removes the malefic effects of Planet Venus and helps in gaining success, wealth, prosperity, etc.

Benefits of Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha

  • Bestows with abundance & affluence: This gives all the worldly pleasures and helps one to attain perfection in life.
  • Brings Wealth and Prosperity: It promises wealth, fortune, good life because it posses the blessings of the Lord Indra.
  • It is excellent for people who belong to the field of medicine, research, etc.
  • Blesses the Wearer: The wearer gets the blessing of the Lord Indra and Kamadeva who brings success, wealth, charm, etc.
  • Moksha attainment: It is a tool for obtaining Moksha and also fulfills the desires of the wearer.
  • Prevents Diseases: This product gives protection from illnesses and diseases. It prevents muscle-related diseases like a problem related to the throat, neck, kidney, liver, etc.
  • Removes Negative Energies: It offers protection from all sorts of negative energies like black magic, hexing, evil spirits, hatred, robberies, murders and all feelings of enmity.
  • Brings Luck: It brings Good luck, wealth and prosperity. Any person can use this without any doubt because there are no harmful effects of this product.
  • Develops Personality: It helps in increasing confidence, charisma, leadership qualities, wealth, prosperity, fame, luxury, etc.
  • Provides Luxury: As the planet, Venus co-relates with a lavish life. As a result, its wearer gets blessed with a luxurious and comfortable life.

Process of wearing Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha

Get up early on an auspicious day, take a bath and wear fresh and clean clothes.Sit in a very comfortable position on a mat and face the east direction. Chant “Om Namah Shivaya” (“ॐ नमः शिवाय”) mantra. Now, chant “Om Hreem Namah” (“ॐ ह्रीं नमः”) 108 times and wear this Rudraksha. It can be worn in a silk/wool thread or can be capped in gold or silver. The native can wear it as a bracelet or as a locket. The most important thing is that the Rudraksha should touch the wearer’s skin. Before buying a Rudraksha it very important to check whether the dealers of the Rudraksha are lab certified or not and the person should also check the market business of the dealers.

Note: The native can buy Thirteen Faced Rudraksha Online from Future Point’s store. Future Point only deals with genuine astrology products. Every rudraksha that you find in our Astro Shop is of pristine quality and has been through a myriad of quality checks. Therefore, before buying Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha, you are advised to go for a Rudraksha report to see if it will suit your horoscope.

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The Thirteen Faced Rudraksha from Future Point has already been strengthened with Powerful Shiva Mantras by our Astrologers to provide you with the maximum benefits. All that’s left to do for you now is to get Authentic Rudraksha from the online store of Future Point and get blessed with the number of benefits it comes with. Future Point gives 100% assurance that these products are authentic and are Lab Certified. There are many Rudrakshas which acts as a solution to different problems but to know which Rudraksha suits you the most, you can consult our Astrologer.

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Thirteen Faced Rudraksha