Zircon Ring

Zircon is a natural, magnificent, underrated and semi-precious gemstone that has been worn and treasured since ancient times. According to Indian Astrology, Zircon (meaning ‘Zarkan’, ‘Jargon’ or ‘Jarkan Ratan’ in Hindi) is associated with the VENUS PLANET.


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Therefore astrologers believe that a natural Zircon stone can be worn to strengthen a weakly placed Venus in an individual’s birth chart and to gain calmness in life. It also helps to attain peace, positive attitude, confidence, marital harmony, and good health.

  • Natural Zircon comes from different mining locations including Sri Lanka, Africa, Thailand, Myanmar, Brazil and some parts of Asia.
  • Zircon comes in a variety of colors, ranging from white to blue, green, yellow, pink, red, brown, etc. Whereas White Zircon Gemstone is regarded as the most valuable and gorgeous gem- variety closely followed by the red and blue.
  • Colorless Zircon resembles Diamond. It also resembles synthetic diamond simulates such as Cubic ZIRCONIA and Strontium Titanate.
  • Top-quality Zircon is of the eye-clean transparency and brilliant luster. Zircon’s price depends on its color, clarity, cut, weight, and place of origin. Currently, zircon price per carat in India starts from Rs 1,000 per carat ($15 approx.) The cost of white Zircon also varies with the place of purchase.
  • Vedic Astrology recommends Jarkan Ratan for TULA RASHI (LIBRA) and VRISHABHA RASHI (TAURUS). However, Western Astrology recommends Zircon birthstone for Cancer sign.

    Zircon gemstone can also be worn by the ascendents of Gemini, Aquarius, and Capricorn.


    • It is beneficial for wealth, wisdom, love and happiness to the wearer.
    • For strengthening relationships.
    • It promotes good health and protects the wearer from negative energy.
    • It is believed that it works wonders in bringing financial and career-related progress.


    • Place it at the bottom of a metal bowl and add Gangajal, tulsi leaves, unboiled cow’s milk, honey, and ghee.
    • After some time take out that ring from the bowl.
    • Clean that bowl with water.


    ZIRCON GEMSTONE RING must be worn on Friday in the morning between 5: am to 7: am SHUKLA PAKSHA (Waxing Moon) in the ring finger of the working hand and spell this Mantra, “OM SUMAYE NAMAH” for 108 times.


    • It is addressed by so many names such as ‘Jacinth stone’, ‘Hyacinth stone’, ‘Jargon stone’, ‘Jarkan’, and ‘Matara diamond’.
    • According to Vedic Astrology, the weak placement of Venus in the horoscope can hamper the married life of an individual.
    • Wearing Zicron gemstone helps to nullify the negative impact of a weakly placed Venus and the multifold the benefits of the wearer by developing love, mutual harmony, and perfectly blissful relationships.
    • Zircon Gemstone benefits the individual in getting speedy recovery from fever, insanity, abdominal issues, and reproductive issues. White Zircon can also be worn to get relief from diabetes and migraine attacks.
    • Zircon is regarded as the lucky gemstone for those who are involved in creative aims such as music, writing, public relationship, painting, etc. Also, it helps to overcome a lack of confidence.

    NOTE: Before wearing any gemstone make sure that you consult an Astrologer and check if it is compatible according to your Horoscope.

    DISCLAIMER: Future Point provides you with only 100% genuine and lab-certified gemstones.

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Zircon Ring