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NEELI GEMSTONE (IOLITE) also known as the Rashi stone for Capricorn zodiac sign or Makar Rashi, and Aquarius zodiac sign also known as Kumbh Rashi. It is a stone that is used to treat Insomnia. The Violet colored stone is also a substitute for Blue Sapphire, the designated stone for Planet Saturn.


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The Neeli Stone is an affordable substitute for the highly precious gemstone of Shani, Neelam. It is usually worn to achieve the same results as Blue Sapphire, however, since it is a little subdued than Neelam it could take some time to achieve the results thus desired. The major benefits of wearing a Neeli Ring are mental stability, along with stable finances and growth patterns.


  • The Ring is worn to achieve astrological benefits related to Planet Saturn.
  • Since it is a gemstone that symbolizes one of the major planets in Vedic Astrology, it is advised that one must not wear it for jewelry purposes.
  • The quality of a Blue Ioline Gemstone Ring could be tested based on its cut, color, clarity, origin, and how affordable the stone is.
  • Found in Burma (Myanmar), India, Brazil, USA, and Sri Lanks, the quality of an Iolite Gemstone vaguely differs based on its place of origin.
  • As per its astrological use, the best Iolite Gemstone is the one with a deepest blue purplish hue. The darker the color of the stone, the more desirable it is.
  • The stone generally has some inclusions and is not completely translucent.


The Price of Iolite Gemstone Ring largely differs on the quality of the gemstone used in the ring. If stone used is of the best quality, the price could hike up a bit, but would still be way less than that of Blue Sapphire Online.


  • Iolite is often regarded as the most favorite stone of Lord Saturn, which gave it the name of ‘ShaniPriya’, or the dearest to Lord Saturn.
  • It is the gemstone that promotes moral values in its wearer. Since Planet Saturn is the Karmic planet who bears the flag of justice and values in the Vedic Astrology- the wearer of Iolite Ring is blessed with higher ideologies in life.
  • The gemstone represents the Crown Chakra, which influences introspection and taking matters into one’s own hands.
  • Wearing Neeli Ring shields from diseases and acts as a barrier against all harm.
  • It is considered to be an excellent gem for those involved in sports and vigorous activities that involve the physical body.
  • The stone also contains the healing ability to sort one through throat infections.

Steps to wear Iolite Gemstone Ring

  • Before wearing the ring, make sure that you cleanse it properly.
  • Immerse the ring and gemstone completely in Gangajal before wearing it. This should be done at least 10 minutes prior to actually wearing it.
  • The ring must be worn on a Saturday morning, preferably between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m.
  • Make sure that once you wear the ring, it must touch your skin to achieve its complete state.
  • While wearing the ring, chant the Shani Mantra, “OM SHAAM SHANICHARAYA” for 108 times.


  • In order to attain the benefits from Planet Saturn, the easiest and affordable way is to Buy Iolite Online. The stone is considered the best substitute for Blue Sapphire.
  • Those going through a tough time due to Shani Sade Sati or Dhaiya, the stone is known to provide the most beneficial results.
  • However, since the stone represents Saturn, It is HIGHLY IMPORTANT that you get a Gemstone Recommendation after Kundali Analysis by a renowned Astrologer.
  • The Neeli Ring heals from within and provides a new aim in life or those with weaker self-esteem, and lack of self-love.
  • The stone provides benefits to those battling addiction of any kind.
  • Smoking, drinking, or gambling addicts can wear Neeli Ring to get rid of their addictions.
  • Also known to provide relief to those with irregular sleep cycles and insomnia.

If you are going through a tough time in your life, it is advised that you Buy Neeli Ring from Future Point and trust its magical powers to bring you relief from challenging circumstances. The mystical and quiet ways the Neeli Gemstone works is correlated to the workings of the Karmic Planet- Saturn. The stone would help you channelize your inner strength in the right direction and make good use of your instincts.

NOTE:- Before wearing any gemstone make sure that you consult an Astrologer according to your Horoscope.

DISCLAIMER:- Future Point provides 100% genuine and lab-certified gemstones. Therefore, before purchasing always consult an Astrologer for better great results in future.

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