Tarot Secrets Unveiled

78 Rays of Power & Peace
Highlighting the beginning of the Tarot journey, the book encompasses the vast 78 paths that lead towards empowering life through Tarot Predictions. With easy to understand concepts, the book can be equally utilized by novices and adepts to learn, conceptualize, and spiritually explain the actions and thoughts inherent in the Tarot Deck.

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Tarot opens up a portal to the globally popular revered system of divination. It elevates you to a new dimension of human living and awareness. Each card in the Tarot deck represents a ray of sunlight, that leads you gently away from the realm of darkness and ignorance towards the land of peace and power. Whilst studying the tarot cards, one gets a peaceful mind, acquiring the acumen and intellect required to form an awakened intuition that brings about an everlasting positive transformation in one’s life. Being an incredible tool, the Tarot Deck is an integral part of predictions, which this book aims to simplify. Over time Tarot has proven its mettle by predicting for the future and to orient our life towards the positive outcome.

Being miniature masterpieces, each Tarot Card is more intricate than the last one, each symbolizing a different aspect of one’s life. The intricate figurines and symbols each illuminate our most complex dilemmas and desires.

The Tarot deck connects us to the divine within us. The scriptures define and abide by the uniform view of ‘As Above, So Below which infers to As the universe, so the soul. This can further be elaborated by the lessons and chapters in the book on how to successfully read the deck in the light of the draw. The human soul is the repository of our accumulated knowledge and experiences over the myriad of births in our soul’s journey. Tarots’ world has the power to shape up and shift the entire paradigm of your thinking. Learn what the deck of cards has to teach about the incredible space of divinity through Future Point’s ‘Tarot Secrets Unveiled’ book.

The Book contains:

Introduction to Tarot, with a major focus on the History of the Tarot Deck and brief introduction of how to read the cards.

With Symbols and Structures taking the major stage in the first few sections of the book, expect this text to be an eye-opener for all Tarot Card Readers out there. With Important Tips to consider while reading & predicting through Tarot Cards, you can easily learn the popular Tarot Card Spreads in Chapter 7 of the Book.

From Chapter 8, the book moves forward towards the meaning of the different cards, namely Major Arcana Cards, Minor Arcana Cards, and the meaning of Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.

With final words on Top 3 Mistakes most Tarot Beginners make, the last few chapters are solely devoted to sharpening and honing the skills of the Tarot Reader into being the Top Tarot Card Reader in India.

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Tarot Secrets Unveiled

600480(20% off)

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