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Tarot Remedies and Healing

Judgement & Correction of Planetary Power by Tarot
The journey to the fascinating world of Tarot Reading & Astrology continues with the Tarot Remedies & Healing book. It entails the story of the Tarot and how it acts as a healer with certain remedies. Learn how the mystical Tarot has strong ties with other occult sciences, namely- Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Kaballah, and Transcendental Meditation.



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Tarot Reading has its core lying with the planets and the powers they represent, along with zodiac signs. The combined knowledge of this contributes to the Tarot Reading that we get with a successful draw. The judgment & correlation of these planets affect our life and leads to well-being & prosperity. Tarot, as a divine science has been able to change the lives and futures of millions worldwide. With this book, the aim was to create & acknowledge as many remedies as possible with Tarot acting as the guiding force. Healing through crystals and gems in the Tarot is a process that has been used since ancient times.

The book has successfully amalgamated the science of Tarot with healing through a myriad of means whilst working in tandem with our karma & kundali.

The book contains:

Tarot as a Psychological GPS to enter a beautiful life, wherein Astro Rrachita has penned down her thoughts on how the divine science is capable of making your life a ‘whole’.

The next few sections focus on tarot spreads and reading. On how important the directionality in cards is, along with a list of the 78 cards of a Tarot deck reversed. However, the most important part remains to be the link that has been established with Astrology. It talks in great detail about the link with zodiac signs, planets, and the different houses of a horoscope with respect to the Tarot. Also mentioned, is the part about finding our Soul Purpose in life, and strengthening it with gems.

The Book is an extension that delves deeper into the Astrological meaning behind Tarot reading & the cards. Numerology & the magic of numbers doesn’t lack behind as they slowly come in connection with a Tarot reading. It also sheds light on using the Life Path Number in order to find out the best date or Muhurat through the Major Arcana Approach. Mentioned in great detail is the role of Mantras and their healing & cleansing powers with their properties along with an analysis of 19 popular crystals. The cards in a Tarot Deck have a strong connection to crystals and gems which have the power to work as effective remedies in healing the mind, body, & soul.

Chapter 12 of the book focusses on Mantras & their role in providing remedial solutions. The usage of Tarot knowledge with specified Mantras along with the Chakra association with planets, beej mantra, and Tantrik Mantras for different planets.

Starting from Chapter 14th of the book, the focal point shifts to other occult sciences in healing with their correlation to Tarot. Kaballah and the sacred Tree of Life are featured here, along with the Table of Sephiroth, its associated planets, & most importantly the 22 major Arcana cards on the lines of the mentioned Tree of Life Path. The information provided can help both, the beginner as well as professional due to the great depths it ventures into.

Furthermore, also discussed is the role of Chakras, Nadi, and the role of 5 layers in the energy body. The 7 chakras in a human body are addressed with the 7 rays of colors, & crystal balancing and healing.

The last few chapters of the book touch the healing aspect thus found in the Yantra, Mantra, & Rudraksha - along with their distinguished history, benefits, and the close connection with Tarot. The gates of the Angelic world & its healing through crystals are enlisted in Chapter 20 of the book. With the last word by the eminent author & editor, the book ends with some guidelines on the knowledge of the transcendental & spiritual & emotional healing.

Self-healing and healing of others becomes a personal mission with perceptive use of Crystals, Gems, Yantras, Mantras, Angels, Rudraksha, and other remedial solutions that becomes key in effective Tarot Reading.

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Tarot Remedies and Healing



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