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Are you frustrated with life and how many problems just keep cropping up?! No matter what kind of problem it is that you face, the Talk to an Astrologer service at Future Point aims to get you out of all your misery at once.

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Exp: 40 Years

Dr Arun Bansal

Dr Arun Bansal is the biggest name in the field of Astrology owing to the number of laureates he has to his name. With thousands of clients served, he is an expert in the field of Vedic Astrology and Vastu. From providing career-related advice to Marriage and familial issues, he has gained limitless clout by way of his uncanny predictions, interpretations & research work. Mr Bansal is the President of "All India Federation of Astrologers Societies", the largest Indian Federation teaching Astrology, Palmistry Numerology and Vastu in over 100 cities of India. He is also the publisher and Chief Editor of popular astrological magazines "Future Samachar" and "Research Journal of Astrology".

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Exp: 31 Years

Yashkaran Sharma

One of the best Astrologers in Delhi NCR, Mr Yashkaran Sharma has been in the field of Astrology for more than 31 years now. He is a well-renowned career counsellor, motivational speaker, and an expert when it comes to problem-solving. With his jovial and humble nature, he has been a favourite of the masses for over two decades. Author of the acclaimed book, Encyclopaedia of Astrological Remedies, he is known for providing the best career-related advice and helping young minds decipher their future. With his humble upbringing, Mr Yashkaran Sharma has put his knowledge of the esoteric sciences to great use which is advantageous for all.

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Exp: 25 Years

Vinay Garg

With over 25 years of experience, Mr Vinay Garg is one of the leading Vastu Consultant in India. He has a unique concoction of predicting the future through a brilliant amalgamation of the esoteric science of Vedic Astrology and Vastu together. This works for all since the Horoscope is a mirror of our future, but when it works in cahoots with the principles of Vastu Shastra, any problem that comes to the fore gets nullified. He has impressed thousands of people as of now with his unerring predictions and easy to follow remedies.

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Exp: 15 Years

Acharya Rekha Kalpdev

An excellent Astrologer and scholar of Horary, also known by the name Prashan Shastra. Acharya Rekha acquired the wisdom of the ancient science of Astrology through extensive research and the inquisitiveness of her attitude. Being an Astrological Advisor at Future Point, she has unparalleled knowledge of the esoteric science of Vedic Astrology to her credit. Acharya Rekha specializes in Parashari and Question Astrology, two brilliant branches of Astrology. She also reigns supreme in the history of Gemology, suggesting antidotes for all problems, along with predictions of major events. She has written for eminent Astrology publishing houses; addressing all upcoming events, festivals, along with Astrological happenings. She has also bestowed thousands of clients with her sagacity through Astrologer’s Consultation. A sterling writer, Acharya Rekha has contributed several research articles to various E-magazines and websites. Her predictions garner huge success due to the accuracy and reliability factor she has attained.

Note: Consultation provided only in Hindi language.

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  • Career
  • Health
  • Family
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Love
  • Marriage

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Astrologer's guidance help me lead a better life?
  • Of course. The astrologers at are professionals with decades of experience who are masters in their respective fields. The panel is dedicated to providing you with the best solution so that you can reside a peaceful life. The remedies and predictions thus made are done after a careful and meticulous study of the birth details and Kundali thus provided, to your advantage. However, the outcome would largely depend on your shoulders. How you put everything to your use and implement it to get over all the negative vibes will be your deciding fate in this case.

  • Will my personal information be kept confidential?
  • Yes! We at Future Point in maintaining a 100% security of our customer's personal information. Rest assured, every information that you share with us is safe in our hands and we will keep it that way forever.

  • How does this service work?
  • We take all the matter in our hands and provide you with simply the best service. Once you get your payment done, you will receive a call from us to set an appointment with your chosen astrologer and from there it's smooth sailing. Our astrologer would call you and depending upon the time slot selected by you- the call would proceed and you will get all the answers that you were seeking.

  • Can I speak to the same astrologer when I call the second time?
  • You can! With our easy user interface, you can select the same astrologer once again and choose the preferred time slot wherein you want to talk to the expert. After that, you will receive a confirmation call from us to set an appointment with the chosen astrologer.

  • What if I need additional information?
  • You can always contact us and get your queries resolved. Reach out to us at or WhatsApp your query at +91-9911175551. We can't wait to hear from you.

What people are saying

Now you can talk to top astrologers and get astrology consultation through phone. Learn the ways to attract prosperity in your life though Astrologer Online service.

The panel of expert astrologers at Future Point boast of a wide array of expertise in different verticals of Astrology. They are masters in their respective fields and are here to guide you through their wisdom. Now you can easily speak live with an Astrologer to erase all problems that you have in your life.

The Talk to Astrologer consultation would help you understand the root cause of the problems that you have and treat them better from their base.

Why Choose Talk To Astrologer Consultation service?

It's not an easy task to share your problems when you are writing it down, but once you talk to someone it is easy to let the words flow and pour your heart out. The Talk to Astrologer Consultation aims to do just that. With the ease of a call, you can easily make the Astrologer understand your problem and find the correct solution that fits your case, unlike a written consultation wherein you have strict word limits and can't really express your troubles in mere sentences.

Features of Talk to an Astrologer service:

  • User-friendly
  • Direct consultation with Top Astrologers
  • No waiting. Instant solutions
  • Hassle free process
  • Connect with astrologers at the comfort of your home
  • No chance of confusions.
  • Remedies with an explanation from astrologer chosen by you.

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