KP Astrology Software Leostar

KP system is used for minute calculations and predictions

This KP software incorporates all accurate KP calculations. To understand the benefits of KP software we must understand that KP system is used for minute calculations and predictions. If we differentiate between Indian Astrology and Krishnamurty Paddhati we find that KP system is specifically used for getting minute predictions. For instance the twins in whose birth there is difference of few minutes. The horoscopes of both of them are similar then why they are different. According to traditional astrology the destiny of both should be same. But a big difference is found in their fate. Sometimes one of them dies. And the other remains alive. One becomes a cloth merchant and the other an engineer. This KP software containing KP system is an answer for this problem.

Additional Features of KP Software

KP software Leostar is considered best in the market of KP astrology softwares because of its accuracy and credibility. KP System gives the formula of sub-lord for getting minute predictions. The main difference in degrees in closet charts comes from the sub-lords of houses. The slight difference of few minutes change sub lords of houses. So KP system advocates the paramount need of considering these Sub-lords. This KP software incorporates all calculations of KP system.

KP System can be used at any time for prediction. Most of the astrologers use this KP software to get answers for their questions. In addition, this KP software can be used to determine the timing of an event by using KP system. KP software is generally used to determine timing of events like marriage and employment etc.

The comprehensive information about KP System has been included in KP software leostar, for instance significators of houses, ruling planet, Lagna, Chalit, Navmansh, cuspal chart, details of significators, and detailed information about Avakhada, Vimshotri Dasha, Sukshma Dasha and transit.

Features of KP software are as follows:

  • KP Planet
  • KP House
  • KP Planet, significator element
  • House significator element
  • Lordship
  • KP Lagna chart
  • KP Lagna Chalit
  • KP Bhava chart
  • KP Navmansh chart
  • KP Karkattwa detail - planet and Nakshatra position, lord, sub lord, the position of the planet in the constellation of the planet.
  • Vimshotri Dasha -
  • Transit - Sun, Moon and Ascendant.
  • KP Bhava(house) Degree In general systems of astrology it is analysed that a specific planet occupying a house is located in the Rashi of which house but in Krishnamurti system it is seen that which sign is there on the starting point of a house. In Krishnamurthy system the Bhava degrees are very important as the planets yield results according to their placement in different houses.
  • Planet Karkattwa Krishnamurti Krishnamurti Planet Karkattwa chart defining the Karakatwa of each planet can be obtained simply with the click of a button.
  • Bhava Karkattwa Krishnamurti Krishnamurti system of astrology is extremely difficult to calculate, but leostar Software makes it very simple. Krishnamurti Bhava Karkattwa chart defining the Karakatwa of each house can be obtained simply with the click of a button.
  • Krishnamurti Astrology leostar Krishnamurti incorporates Krishnamurti Planet, Krishnamurti House, Krishnamurti Planet significator element, House significator element, Lordship, Krishnamurti Lagna chart, Krishnamurti Lagna Chalit, Krishnamurti Bhava chart, Krishnamurti Navmansh chart, Krishnamurti Karkattwa detail, Avakhada, Vimshotri Dasha, transit and table of 249 no.
  • Krishnamurti table of 249 no.

Astrology software applications Leo series are based on several methods of ancient Indian astrology. These applications are used in preparing horoscope reports, to find out several astrological factors, calculations, predictions etc. Depending on the type of application, astro software applications provide several features such as finding Muhurat, checking marital compatibility, personal predictions, baby name recommendations, gemstone recommendations etc.