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Leostar Light(Bilingual)


Astrology software Leostar Light best suits the pocket of astrologer with the option of customization as per choice. The selection of 3 software modules in LeoStar Light which has been left to the choice of the astrologer makes a big difference because some astrologers are experts of KP and some others are good in Lalkitab astrology and Varshphal. Some astrologers desperately need Muhurat, Panchang and Horary. Some astrologers love to play with Numerology, KP, and Tajik (Parashari Varshphal & Horary). Therefore, anyone can make any type of choice which suits him best.

Astrology software LeoStar Light represents the true light of astrological potential of an astrologer because it is fully customised as per the astrological requirements of an astrologer as per his areas of expertise. This has been created on the growing demands of professional astrologers. Therefore it turns into the best astrology software depending upon its unique customization as per the need of astrologer. The concept behind this most demanded astrology software is the personal requirement of astrologers and it is becoming buyers’ choice very quickly as this specific software has enough potential to cater the needs of astrologers and suits their pockets too. Astrologers believe - that every astrologer has own and unique ways of making predictions therefore he prefers to use astrology tools as per the requirements of his own area in the realm of astrological knowledge. Kundli software LeoStar Light has Teva, Tables, Astrology, Matching and Mundane already in it whereas the 3 other modules/packages can be chosen from the follwing list of 6 modules i.e. - 1. Muhurat, 2. KP & Horary, 3. Numerology, 4. Varshphal, 5. Lalkitab, 6. Panchang.

Leostar Light Package

Astrology software Leostar Light contains following modules:


  • The additional features of Leostar Light would vary on the basis of the module of choice picked up.
  • Avakhada, Ghatchakra, Tara Chakra, Panchang, Calendar and Kundli Milan.
  • The modules that one gets in Leostar Plus software are Teva, Matching, Astrology, Tables and one module of your choice.
  • Astro Software Leostar can cast all types of charts like Lagna, Chalit, Bava cusp and various types of divisional charts.
  • Detailed matching calculations & predictions.
  • Details of bride and Groom, Degrees of Planets & Dasha.
  • Ashtakoot Guna Matching table, summary, and detailed report.
  • Manglik Dosh Matching with conclusion.
  • Horoscope Matching compatibility according to Traditional, Gujarati and North Indian style.
  • All Astrology Charts and Dashas.
  • Both the horoscopes can be studied and analysed independently also.
  • Extra features in matching are analysis of health, nature children, wealth and relations with in laws.
  • This astro software contains calculations related to Shadbal, Jaimini, Karakavastha and Sudershan Chakra.
  • KP System, KP Significator, Shodasvarga Tables, Upgraha, Sannadi Chakra etc are included.
  • Prashar Ashtakvarga, Ashtakvarga Chart & Ashatak ascendant are also given in this astro software.
  • Nakshatra Reading, Mahadasha & Antardasha analysis & Transit predictions for next 30 years are incorporated in this astro software.
  • More than 500 yogas (astrological combinations)have been included in this astro software.
  • This astro software shows Transits to view planets moving around the natal horoscope.
  • Different types of Aynanshas used in astrology like Lahiri, Kp, Raman, Jaimini, Bhrigu, Manu and Sayan are available in it.
  • All horoscopes can be saved in it.
  • This vedic astrology software contains longitudes and latitudes of 1 Crore cities.
  • This astro software contains reading material for Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu, Astrology and 21 Horary tools.
  • Not only the students and expert astrologers can get accurate calculations but they can also use the horoscopes given in the databank of this astro software.
  • User can get additional information like astrograph, longevity, kaalsarp dosha, sadesati vichar, manglik vichar and remedies etc. too from this astro software.
  • Prescription of stones along with the method of wearing it has also been given in this astro software.
  • Mantras are also recommended along with the articles of donation for propitiating planets. Remedies for Sadesati are also given in detail.
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