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Derived from Sanskrit word Vasa which literally translates to home, the term Vastu Shastra means an ideal space for habitation.

Based on the knowledge that living in harmony with nature is the correct method of existing. This paved way for the Vastu Shastra for home and Vastu Shastra for offices services which work in sync with the doctrine of Vastu Shastra. Practised since the early Vedic ages, Vastu Shastra implements that happiness and peace in a living space could only be achieved if the proper methods of Vastu come into being. The best Vastu Consultant would attain a balance of cosmic energy by creating a living environment that exists peacefully without toying with nature.

Working also as the harbinger of good fortune and wellbeing, Vastu Shastra holds immense power to transform any place into a nourishing sphere. You can now either crib about the obstacles in your way or create a way to the blessings that Vastu brings into one’s life.

How can I improve my house as per Vastu, or which direction is good for wealth, and even the question, Vastu for luck- are some of the most asked questions of all time. And our report carries all the Vastu Tips that you have been looking for in the mist. Vastu for kitchen and Vastu for shops can also be included in the report, as per your question.

At Future Point we provide Vastu Consultancy Services at nominal prices to facilitate your growth through the principles of Vastu Shastra. Now you can say hello to a calm abode with benefic effects on your luck and fortune.

Consult Vastu expert for Vastu for homes or for Vastu Shastra for offices to negate any malefic presence in the space.

Does Vastu Shastra really work?

A designer home, a comfy recliner, and a decor up to your liking, but still your home lacks the warmth? It’s common knowledge that four walls can’t make for a home, and neither can the decor. any architectural design in your home can’t make up for the fact that certain things aren’t placed as they should be or certain spaces contain negative auras from previous lodgings. Vastu Shastra blends science and astrology at its best to create living spaces that elevate your mood and bring in peace, prosperity, and calm into your life.

Every habitat contains cosmic energy that needs free space to float without hindrances. A house enabled with Vastu Shastra has blissful family existence, positive vibes to gel with, and flora and fauna that blooms when it shines! The principles of Vastu Shastra could either be applied to the interior design of the house or the exterior.

Vastu Shastra Services offered:

Vastu for Homes

It’s of utmost importance that we live in a space that radiates positive energy. Having a harmonious environment to come home to is all that we dream and long for, and that is where the Vastu Shastra for Home comes in play. As the modern lore goes, Vastu Shastra for houses was termed as either expensive or a myth, but with the evolving times people have been open to the change and positivity Vastu Shastra brings in your life.

Our Vastu Shastra consultant is at your service to transform your living space into a powerhouse of energy. As you go about renovating your space in accordance with the instructions received from the Vastu expert, you can be sure that all it would harbour inside is positive synergy. Your consultation would include Vastu tips for kitchen, Vastu Shastra for bedroom, Vastu for home entrance, and Vastu for pooja rooms in flats. With such marvellous tips and trips, you can be sure that the Vastu lord would bestow your home with anything but positive.

Vastu for Office and Commercial Spaces

We also cater to the requirements of Vastu Shastra for hotels, offices, businesses, shops, and working spaces. Offered at the most pocket-friendly price, the Vastu consultancy services cater to you the most effective and beautiful ways to transform your working space into a dedicated sphere for work. Order vastu service online to get the best results for your commercial spaces and offices. Our Vastu experts will guide you to the end of the tunnel and create a space for you that’s aesthetically pleasing and made as per the Vastu norms.

Why site visits are important in Vastu Shastra

It’s important to visit a site before gauging what measures must be taken in order to renovate it as per the Vastu Shastra norms. Our Vastu consultant would visit the site that needs to come in terms with Vastu to make sure he understands the problematic areas and instead of seeing a blueprint, sees it with his own eye.

The first step is to check if the entrance of the space is auspicious or not

Any negative vibes that the consultant could catch from a certain area of the space.

Check the places where sunlight and shadows fall.

Measure the boundary of the fence or wall surrounding the property.

The plants in the area and the type of construction.

If the property is built on a slope or slant.

Any upcoming projects in the vicinity.

Consult a Vastu expert

For those interested in consulting an expert Vastu astrologer to renovate your house as per Vastu Shastra, you can consult the renowned #1 astrologer in India, Mr. Arun Bansal, who has an expertise in this field for more than 40+ years. Put these years to your benefit and consult the master himself, to create an aura of positivity and happiness in your home with the remedies that our expert astrologer has to offer.

You can read about the ingenious Mr. Arun Bansal in detail here.

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