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Dosha & Life Predictions Report

As the festival of colours Holi approaches, the evil and vices start wandering around to latch onto the vulnerable, but with proven guidance from Vedic Astrology, you can safeguard yourself and your family against all odds.

No matter how many hardships life throws at you, there’s always a way out present in your Kundli.

Future Point gives you a chance to eliminate all the vices and flaws present in your Kundli and live a happy and prosperous life, full up to the brim with vivid hues of Holi. The Dosha & Life Prediction Report by Future Point consists of the major 4 Dosha present in one’s Horoscope, Kaal Sarp Dosha, Manglik Dosha, Shani Sade Sati Dosha, and Pitra Dosha. Available in two combos, the Dosha and Life Predictions Report will aid the individuals in living a obstacle-free life.

All the Reports available at Future Point are curated and amalgamated by the #1 Astrology Software LeoStar. The Predictions thus mentioned, come with the guarantee and authenticity mark from the Vedic Astrology mogul LeoStar.

Plan for a year that is brilliant right from the start with Online Dosha Report and Life Horoscope Report Combo.

All you need to do with is fill in the given form. Enter your birth details, your contact details and you are all set to receive your Dosha and Life Predictions Report.

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Basic Horoscope + All Dosha Report

The first combo of the report would include a Basic Calculative Horoscope Report along with 4 Dosha Report specifically aimed at providing you with a better life full of wonderful things and opportunities.

The Basic Horoscope would include your calculative Horoscope or Kundli chart, along with a brief analysis of your birth chart. The second part of the report would include Shani Sade Sati Dosha Report with Remedies, Manglik Dosha Report with Remedies, Pitra Dosha Report with remedies, and Kaal Sarp Dosha with Remedies.

By negating all the flaws present in your Horoscope, you can get rid of all and any hindrance they might have caused in garnering success and wealth in life.


Basic Horoscope Report+ All Dosha Report+ Life Prediction Report

The second combo is a full-fledged colour report for a blessed life! You can get to know your life inside out with all the detailed Life Horoscope Predictions in a coloured format!

Containing 20 years of Transit Predictions, along with Dosha Report with effective remedies can ward off all the negatives from your life and create an aura of positivity all around you! The Basic Horoscope Report along with All 4 major Dosha of life will be amalgamated with the highly detailed and predictive Life Horoscope in coloured format. The detailed report would include Life Graph for 20 years with Gemstone recommendations and Numerology Predictions as well, in order to give you a bang for your buck!

You will get the blueprint for your entire life in coloured format along with the remedy to eliminate all vices and flaws of your Horoscope! There’s nothing more one could ask for.

Benefits of Dosha & Life Predictions Report

The All Dosha Report and Life Predictions Report are curated keeping in mind the obstacles one faces in life due to these flaws present in the Kundli. Each of these flaws presents a difficult path in life that prevents us from having a problem-free existence. Straighten out your life and days better by creating a plan of action. These flaws play a crucial role in life as they create hindrances and difficulties which seem to never leave our side.

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