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Narasimha Puja

Being the 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the supreme protector- Narasimha is a half-man and a half-lion embodiment who protects His devotees from all evil forces. Lord Vishnu came as the ferocious Narasimha to destroy the evil demon king Hiranyakashyap and establish the rule of Dharma (righteousness) in this world. The Narasimha Puja offered by Future Point allows one to win over all the evil that surrounds the person and ward off all negativity from life.

Note: This Puja holds immense significance when performed on the special occasion of Narasimha Jayanti, i.e. the birthday of Lord Narasimha.

The incredibly beneficial puja that will be conducted by Future Point will include the highly powerful Narasimha Mantra and Sahasranama being chanted in your name. This exclusive Online Puja will keep you happy and content in life- along with keeping all the negativity and evil away from you. Those suffering from ill-fate and their competitors winning over them can benefit a great deal from this puja. With the choicest blessings from Lord Vishnu’s Narasimha avatar, one can win over even their biggest enemies and come out victorious in all endeavours of life.

With special hymns and mantras chanted to cleanse your aura and safeguard you against all odds, the Online Narasimha Puja is one of the most powerful Vedic rituals that one can benefit from.

The exclusive Narasimha Puja will be performed on your behalf by a learned Brahmin Priest strictly in-accordance with the rules that are prescribed in Vedic scriptures. The successful completion of this Puja lends one with a boon of protection against all harm. It bestows the devotee with good health, abundance, and prosperity in life. Those suffering from long-standing ailments can get the Narasimha Puja performed on their behalf to get the protective blessings of Lord Narsimha. The sacred Puja of Lord Narasimha destroys evil forces that intend to harm a person and creates an impenetrable shield in the form of a protective aura around the person.

Despite having a ferocious form, the Narasimha avatar of Lord Vishnu also symbolizes mercy that the Lord bestows upon His devotees by eradicating what is there to harm them and restoring Dharma.

Outshine your enemies by getting this Exclusive Online Puja from Future Point being performed in your name. Get rid of all the negativity that is holding you back from achieving big things in life.

Benefits of Narasimha Puja:

  • The Narasimha Puja promises blessings from Lord Vishnu for the greater good.
  • Those suffering from losses all around can get rid of such problems through this exclusive Puja.
  • It endows one with unprecedented success and happiness.
  • With Lord Vishnu’s blessings, one can overcome all obstacles in life.
  • All hurdles in the path to success can be easily surpassed through this incredibly powerful puja.
  • It bestows enlightenment over the devotee to advance on the path to Moksha or Ultimate Liberation.
  • It safeguards the person in whose name the Puja is performed from all evil.
  • The Puja cleanses the aura and vibrations of the devotees and prepares them to face every challenge head on!
  • The Puja is capable of uprooting every negative influence that keeps you from achieving success in life.
  • It is a profoundly spiritual measure to bring positivity in life with the protective blessings of Lord Narasimha.

Narasimha Puja Includes:

  • The Narasimha Puja that will be performed on your behalf by a learned Brahmin Priest so that you get the protective blessings from the deity.
  • Arrangement of watching the Puja being performed in your name from the comfort of your home via a recording that will be provided to you.

Note: The Narasimha Puja is performed in strict accordance with all the Vedic rules & rituals as prescribed in the Holy Hindu Scriptures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for Narasimha Puja?

Those who suffer from low self-esteem or uncountable obstacles in life can go for Narasimha Puja. The Puja acts as a shield and safeguards the devotee against all odds.

Who will perform the Narasimha Puja?

At Future Point, every Online Puja that you select is performed by learned Brahmin Priests, as could be seen by you in the recording of the Puja that we send you. There’s no need to worry as every single ritual of Narasimha Puja will be done as per the rules mentioned in the religious scriptures and Vedas.

Do I get to watch the Puja?

Yes! Every Puja that you Book Online at Future Point can be viewed in the comfort of your home via a recording provided to you by us. If you want you can also request to attend the Puja. (Note: This feature is available at special requests made prior to the muhurat).

Can I book the Narasimha Puja for someone else in my family?

The Narasimha Puja is an excellent remedy for those who suffer from enemies. Thus, anyone can take help from this and outshine their competitors.


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