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Shradh Puja

(29th September - 14th October 2023)

Shradh Paksha or Pitru Paksha is a highly important aspect of the Hindu culture that holds a key place in Vedic rituals. It is a 15 day lunar period, during which people perform special rituals for the well being of their ancestors. Starting from Bhadrapada Purnima, Shradh Paksha ends on Ashwin Amavasya which is also known as Sarva Pitru Amavasya or Mahalaya Amavasya. It is considered extremely auspicious in the Hindu faith to pay homage and respects to ancestors or departed souls during this 15 day period.

Note: Shradh in 2023 will begin from 29th September, so you can Book Shradh Puja as per the Tithi you want to perform it on.

The special Shradh Puja at Future Point will be performed under strict Vedic rituals so that the one can pay the karmic debt that he owes to his ancestors. The period of Shradh is also known as ’Pitra Paksha’ or ’Pitru Paksha’.

As touched above, Pitru Paksha is a 15 day lunar period which starts from Bhadrapada Purnima and ends at Ashwin Amavasya, which is also known as Sarva Pitru Amavasya. In this period, Hindus pay special respect and honor to their ancestors, through food offerings as part of a very profound ritual. According to Brahma Purana, Yamraj (Lord of Death) gives freedom to all the souls on the eve of Krishna Paksha so that they can eat the food in a subtle form which is offered to them by their children on the occasion of Shradh. Special Poojas are performed and as part of the ritual, food is offered to Brahmin priests.

The most significant day of Pitru Paksha is the last day, which is also known as Sarvapitri (Sarva Pitru) Amavasya or Mahalaya Amavasya. Those who passed away on Amavasya, Purnima, and Chaturdashi tithi, for them, the Amavasya Tithi Shradh is done. If someone is not able to perform all the Shradh Pujas on the given dates, a single Pitru Paksha Shradh on Sarva Pitru Amavasya is enough to give homage & ensure spiritual peace to all the deceased souls in the family. The significance of Pitru Paksha can be best known from one of the biggest epics of all time- Mahabharata.

Benefits of Shradh Puja:

If one performs the Shradh Puja, then it not only gives peace and contentment to his/her ancestors but also brings home incredible benefits in the life of that native.

  • It enhances the spiritual aura around a person that wards off negative energies and blesses the native with a powerful and magnetic personality.
  • It bestows the native with financial prosperity and stability in terms of physical health & mental peace.
  • While the purchase of property is not advised during Shradh Paksha but a person who performs Shradh Puja is blessed with gains in property & vehicles in life.
  • Shradh Puja removes the malefic influences of certain planets from the business house of a native’s horoscope, thus resulting in consistent gains in business income.
  • Shradh Puja plays a key role in pacifying the negative effects of an ill-placed Jupiter in one’s horoscope. Hence, giving success in career & education to the native.
  • It is said that the blessings of departed souls that one gets after Shradh Puja rings in the divine power of materialization or Siddhi in a person.
  • Shradh Puja is also considered as one of the greatest remedies for a person suffering from Pitra Dosh in his Kundli.

Details Required for Shradh Puja:

Please provide us with the below mentioned details in the query box for performing the Shradh Puja on your behalf.

  • Your Name, Father’s Name, and Gotra
  • The complete Name of the person for whom you want to offer Shradh Puja, along with your relationship with them.
  • Tithi/Date of death of the deceased

Note: Some Puja Items of Prasad might not get delivered due to customs issues for international clients.

Shradh Puja by Future Point includes:

  • Chanting of a Powerful Mantra by a Brahmin priest to ensure the spiritual well-being of your ancestors which in-turn will bring their blessings in your life.
  • The Shradh Puja will also negate the effects of the Pitru Dosh (if present) in your kundali or horoscope.
  • A video recording of the Puja will be shared with you wherein you would be able to watch the Puja being performed on your behalf. This would give you a chance to know the authenticity of the Puja being performed in your name from the comfort of your home.

Book Shradh Puja from Future Point to ensure spiritual peace for your ancestors & receive their choicest blessings.

We assure you that all Puja rituals are performed by Learned Brahmin Priests in strict accordance with Vedic rituals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to watch the Puja?

Yes. When your Puja is being performed by brahmin priests, you will be sent a link to watch the puja being performed LIVE under your name.

Why should I perform Shradh Puja Online?

The Puja is performed for the attainment of blessings from one’s ancestors. Believed to relieve the deceased family members from their past karmas and help the devotee get blessings from them. When you perform the Shradh Puja during the 15 day auspicious window, you are likely to get multifold blessings. Also performed for the removal of Kaal Sarp Dosha from Kundali, the Shraddh Puja is considered one of the most important puja as per the Hindu vedic rituals.


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