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Maha Baglamukhi Puja

Performed to get rid of all obstacles and evil eye, the Maha Baglamukhi Pujan holds the chanting of 1, 25,000 powerful Baglamukhi mantras. The special puja promises to eliminate all troubles and worries from life and aims to free the native of all evil eye.

The Maha Baglamukhi Puja will be performed by learned expert brahmin priests to eliminate all negative and bad effects one’s cursed eye might cast on a native.

One of the 10 incarnations in the 10 Mahavidya, Maa Baglamukhi is associated with occult power and dealings. Being one of the fierce avatars of Goddess Mahashakti, she is the real vanquisher of all evil and fiercely protects all her devotees. She is also known by the name of Brahmastra, the superpower capable of warding off all ill omen coming one’s way- Maa Baglamukhi puja can get rid of all the problems or obstacles in one’s life. The Baglamukhi Puja is also recommended to those who suffer from black magic or its by products.

The only puja that holds the key to reverse any and all ill fate or negative energy that has latched itself onto an individual.

In the Vedic Scriptures, Maa Baglamukhi holds the power of being the ferocious protector and the one who protects her devotees with utmost sincerity. People who have numerous enemies or are in the public sector with plenty of people wishing them bad can get the most out of Maha Baglamukhi Puja and get rid of all their enemies in an instant.

She negates all the effects of black magic or evil eye, thus bestowing one with her utmost blessings. Also worshipped to get blessings for performing occult magic or practising the mystical powers.

The Maha Baglamukhi Puja performed at Future Point would include 1, 25, 000 mantra Jaap chanted in unison by learned brahmin priests along with A Dashansh Hawan. The total number of mantra recited in the Maha Baglamukhi Puja would come to 1,38,000.

Note: The Maha Baglamukhi Puja will be performed for the pious duration of 9 days.

Benefits of Maha Baglamukhi Puja:

  • Destroys the evil eye latched on the devotee of Maa Baglamukhi.
  • The chanting of the powerful mantras together will influence the future of the native and bestow him/her with a life filled with courage, affluence, and abundance.
  • The fierce energy of Maha Baglamukhi Puja amalgamated with the power of Dashansh Hawan will multiply the benefits of this puja and bless the disciples of Maa Baglamukhi with a divine invincible protective shield.

Maha Baglamukhi Puja Includes:

  • Maha Baglamukhi Puja on your behalf of the Sacred Mantra that invokes the blessings of Maa Baglamukhi, done by highly learned Brahmin Priests to bring forth the divine blessings of Goddess Baglamukhi in your life.
  • Chanting of the Maha Baglamukhi Mantra Jaap for 1, 25, 000 plus a Dashansh Hawan- all performed in your name.
  • The arrangement of watching the Puja being performed under your name via a recording provided to you by us in the comfort of your home.

Note: The Maha Baglamukhi Puja is performed in strict accordance with all Vedic rules & rituals as prescribed in the Holy Scriptures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for Maha Baglamukhi Puja?

Goddess Baglamukhi is an intense form of Mother Almighty that gives protection from all kinds of evil to Her devotees.

Therefore, one should not miss the opportunity of negating all evil and troubles present in their life through the Maha Baglamukhi Puja. It also enhances the luck factor in life. !

Who will perform the Maha Baglamukhi Puja?

We make sure that highly learned & experienced Brahmin Priests perform these spiritual rituals with utmost devotion. You need not worry about anything as every single procedure as per the holy religious scriptures, is followed.

Do I get to watch the Puja?

Absolutely, you can watch and wholeheartedly participate in this Puja from the comfort of your home, via an online link that we provide.

Is there any minimum age to go for Birthday Puja?

No. Anyone can go for this Birthday Puja.

Can I book the Maha Baglamukhi Puja for someone else in my family?

Absolutely! What better gift can you give to your near and dear ones, than making sure that the root cause of their problems in life is treated once and for all!


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