Surya Puja

Who is Surya?

Surya or the Sun God is a deity who is worshipped across many cultures in the world. People belonging to the Hindu faith refer to Him as ‘Surya Dev’ and this deity holds an extremely important position among the Gods. The holy Hindu scriptures have numerous stories or references highlighting the role of Surya Dev in many divine events or happenings.

The famous Konark Temple in the Indian state of Odisha is dedicated exclusively to Surya Dev.

Surya in Vedic Astrology

Surya or Sun in the occult science of Vedic Astrology is considered as the king of all planets. It signifies power, position, authority, vitality, name, fame, gold, heart and much more. Sun is the natural significator of government affairs, jobs in the government sector and also political positions.

The position of Sun or Surya in the horoscope of a person is key to determining material success in that person’s life. There are many occult remedial measures that are undertaken to pacify an afflicted Sun in the horoscope to ensure a smooth road towards success & prosperity in life.

However, the most powerful Puja or Vedic worship ritual to please Surya Dev and thereby turn the planet Sun positive in your horoscope is the “Surya Puja”. Future Points offers you an opportunity to book the Surya Puja for being performed in your name and receive the life-transforming blessings of Surya Dev.

Note: The Surya Puja from Future Point is performed on your behalf by a learned Pandit, strictly in-accordance with all the Vedic rules and rituals.

Surya Puja on Makar Sankranti

There are 12 signs that constitute the zodiac belt and planet Sun takes about a month to traverse each sign. The time when Sun enters a sign is called ‘Sankranti’ and therefore, there are a total of 12 Sankrantis that occur in a year.

However, when the Sun enters the sign of ‘Makar’ or Capricorn, the occasion turns into a festival which is called Makar Sankranti. It is a festival which is celebrated across India under different names and with varying traditions across regions.

Makar Sankranti is a spiritually charged occasion when people offer their prayers to Surya Dev and make donations to the poor & needy.

The festival of Makar Sankranti also marks the beginning of the special period of ‘Uttarayan’ during which we witness the Sun advancing towards the Northern Hemisphere. The holy scriptures describe the period of Uttarayan as highly beneficial for those who wish to raise the levels of their consciousness through ‘Sadhna’ or spiritual practice.

This is a time when positive cosmic energies are very supportive for realizing both spiritual as well as wordly objectives.

Therefore, it is recommended that one must have a Surya Puja performed in his/her name on Makar Sankranti to receive the incredibly powerful blessings of Surya Dev.

However, a person can get the Surya Puja performed on his/her behalf on any Sankranti in a month or even on a Sunday to ensure that he/she gets the blessings of Surya Dev to succeed & prosper in life.

Benefits of Surya Puja

Some of the many benefits that a person gets in life by having the Surya Puja being performed in his/her name are:

  • It bestows sound health and rejuvenates by enhancing the levels of the life-force energy within an individual.
  • It dispels negative thinking and blesses with a positive state of mind.
  • It creates a stable and clear mental outlook to achieve your life’s goals.
  • It is beneficial for those who are looking for a job in the government sector.
  • It wards off professional obstacles and blesses with a positive growth in career.
  • It protects the business from unjust competitions and sudden regulatory hurdles.
  • It ensures consistent profits in business and an adequate flow of capital.
  • It brings name, fame, recognition and respect in life.
  • It protects a person from evil eyes or black magic spells.
  • It increases vitality and strengthens the immune system of the body.
  • It safeguards your assets and brings financial growth in life.

The Surya Puja will include:

  • A Surya Puja with the chanting of the powerful ‘Surya Mantra’ on your behalf by a learned Pandit/Brahmin Priest for 21 Malas of 108 beads each.
  • A provision of watching the Puja being performed on your behalf via a video recording that will be provided to you.
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