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Puja for Mother’s Wellbeing

From our first breath to our first glance, she was the one who nurtured us and played an integral part in our life! It’s time that you remember and support the one whom you call your safe haven- Your Mother!

Book Online Puja to express your love and gratitude towards your mother. Seek the blessings of 9 incarnations of Goddess Parvati for the well being of your mother. Not just your mothers, but your grandmother, or the sister who became just like your mother- pray for their long and prosperous life from Maa Parvati. Show your love and gratitude for their years of being at your beck and call. Let them know that they matter, the time that they have spent caring and nurturing you matters!

Invoke the blessings of Holy mother of all, Maa Parvati for her sound health and longevity.

With a Puja that is centric to praying for her well being and overall happiness, you can be assured that you are doing the best you could for her. From being a rock for you since you were a kid, your mother has seen you through your worst days- always by your side. She has, and will always be your biggest supporter- not because you are her kid, but because her entire universe revolves around you. Often times neglected and taken for granted, your Mother never gave up on you.

Today is the perfect time that you can repay just the tiniest amount of that debt by praying from all the lords above for her sound health.

She deserves nothing short of excellent! Book Online Puja to show your gratitude towards your mother for her all the years of service and loving you unconditionally. For always being your support system and your biggest cheerleader. Thank her for never giving up on you and always having your back even on odd days.

With powerful mantras chanted in unison, this can be the perfect gift for a mother who’s suffering from ill health.

Now is the perfect time to act and convey your gratitude towards all motherly figures who moulded you into the person you are today!

Note: This Puja holds special importance when performed on the special occasion of Mother’s Day or her birthday.

The grand Puja that will be conducted by Future Point will include the highly powerful chanting of Durga Saptashati Path along with a deep chant of Mahamrityunjaya Paath 21 times. The Puja for Mother’s well being would also include the most important, Rog Nashak Mantra, i.e Rogan Sheshan Mantra for her long life and well being 21 times.

Benefits of Puja:

  • The Puja for mother’s well being focusses on bestowing the blessings of Maa Durga for your mother’s health and prosperity.
  • The Puja is key to getting rid of all ailments- if facing any in the present or for the prevention of any mishap in the future.
  • With the powerful chanting of Rogan Sheshan Mantra, all the rog (diseases) currently faced by your mother will get eliminated and she will prosper towards a better healthy life.
  • The 21 times recital of the efficacious Mahamrityunjaya Mantra will get rid of even the gravest of matters hanging around your mother’s neck.
  • The Puja for Mother’s Well Being has been curated in such a way that it brings about a wave of transformation in your mother’s general sense of happiness.
  • The special Puja, if done by blood relatives, would benefit even more.

Puja for Mother’s Wellbeing Includes:

  • The Puja includes the 21 times chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya mantra by our learned brahmin priests.
  • One path of Durga Saptshati will also be chanted for the invocation of powerful energies surrounding your mother. These would act as her guiding angels in life.
  • 21 times chanting of the ‘Rog Nashak Mantra’, i.e. Rogan Sheshan Mantra for eliminating all ailments and illness surrounding your mother.
  • The Puja at Future Point will be performed by learned Brahmin priests in your name so that you get the choicest blessings from the Maa Durga.
  • A recording of the Puja being performed in your name will be shared with you as soon as it’s done.
  • There’s also an option available wherein you can choose to get the Prasad of the Puja delivered at your home. Note: Some Puja Items of Prasad might not get delivered due to customs issues for international clients.

Note: The Puja for mother’s wellbeing is performed in strict accordance with all the Vedic rules & rituals as prescribed in the Holy Scriptures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for Puja for mother’s wellbeing?

Our mothers have always been our pillars of support. Every step we faltered, she was there to pick us up and land us on our feet. No matter how many times we told her no, she was there to help us through everything. But as we grow up, we drift apart from our mothers, never really realising how much we still mean to her. How her world still revolves around us. Future Point is giving away an exclusive privilege to all, to convey their gratitude towards their mother. Book the exclusive Puja for your mother’s well being and pray to the almighty for her long and happy life. Now it’s your turn to give back even the tiniest bit in return for her always being your rock!

Who will perform the Puja?

At Future Point, every Online Puja that you book will be performed by learned Brahmin priests in your name. The Puja will be performed in strict accordance with all the rituals and rites mentioned in the Vedic Scriptures.

Do I get to watch the Puja?

Of course! Every Puja that you book from Future Point will give you the access to watch it being performed in your name through a recording sent to you by us. If you want you can also request to attend the Puja. (Note: This feature is available at special requests made prior to the muhurat).

Can I book the Puja for all the women in my family?

The Puja for Mother’s well being is not just performed for the mothers but for all those who over the years have acted and become our mothers. Our sisters, grandmothers, nannies, or the aunt- every woman in our life has played a pivotal role in shaping the person we are today. With the exclusive Puja, you can pray to the almighty for their well being and long life.


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