Navagrah Yantra

According to Vedic Astrology, Navgrah Yantra is just like Navagrah Mantra. It is mainly used for eliminating defects and Doshas that are located in the native’s horoscope. Navgrah Yantra is also used to worship goddesses and gods in order to attain auspicious results. It brings good fortune to the wearer’s life. The yantra bestows prosperity and positivity to the natives family. As Yantra consists of nine important yantras, it provides ample benefits to the individual. One should always worship the yantra as it provides benefits that are related to health and wealth. It enhances the creativity level of the individual.

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The combination of nine yantras that represent the nine planets in the solar system is Navagrah Yantra. According to Hindu Mythology, the Navgrah Yantra is considered best when they are placed on Bhojpatra. One can avail the maximum benefits if it is on Bhojpatra. Nine yantra that were used to make the Navagrah Yantra are Surya Yantra(Sun), Chandra Yantra(Moon), Mangal Yantra(Mars), Budh Yantra(Mercury), Guru Yantra(Jupiter), Shukra Yantra(Venus), Shani Yantra(Saturn), Rahu Yantra(Rahu), and Ketu Yantra(Ketu). All these nine important yantras represent the nine planets of the solar system. The yantra has magnificent power of the planets that bestows the wearer ample of the benefits in life.


The main reason for which the individual establishes the yantra in the house is to get rid of the malefic effects of the planets. It safeguards native from the negative energy and provides positive energy. It prevents the wearer from the ill effects of the evil eye. After establishing the yantra one can experience a happy life, as it enhances prosperity and wisdom in the native’s family. The Yantra eliminates all the troubles and difficulties from individual life. Navagrah Yantra prevents the wearer from the nightmares and provides a peaceful sleep.

Process of establishing Navagraha Yantra

The establishment of Yantra is one of the most important things that one has to always remember. If the Yantra is installed properly then one can attain ample of benefits from it in a short time period. To establish the yantra properly, the individual has to take care of some things. While establishing it, one should always notice the direction, as the yantra must always be facing towards the East direction in the native’s Puja Ghar. Before establishing the Yantra, the native should purify him/herself with Gangajal. One has to offer incense daily to the Yantra. It is considered that one should always offer Parsada or sweets after doing the Puja. To avail the maximum benefits one should chant the mantra while placing or installing it.


To energize the Navagraha Yantra with magnificent powers, one has to recite the below-mentioned mantra. Mantra plays an important role in energizing the yantra.

“Om Navgraha Devataayai Namah”
"नवग्रह देवता नमः"

Recite the above mantra to avail the maximum benefits of the Navagraha Yantra.

Benefits of Navagraha Yantra

  • The Yantra protects the individual from the evil effects of the malefic planets in Kundali.
  • It invalidates the evil’s eye effect on the individual.
  • It eliminates all the negative effects of planets.
  • Navagrah Yantra brings prosperity to native’s life.
  • It enhances the creativity level of the person.
  • The Yantra helps the native by protecting them from various dangers.
  • It removes the obstacles from the wearer’s life.
  • It builds positive energy in the native by nullifying all the negative energy.
  • It keeps the individual emotionally balanced.
  • It saves the individual’s family from the ill effects of the evil eye.
  • It offers the protective shield which keeps the individual away from the evil eye and negative karma.
  • It improves decision making the power of the individual that helps them in difficult times.
  • It wards off depression from the life of the devotee.
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Navagrah Yantra