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Haldi Mala

Haldi Turmeric Beads Mala is a highly auspicious Mala used while performing any Hindu ritual/prayer. It is believed that Haldi/Turmeric Mala has a positive impact on the state of mind, reduce stress and tensions. Online Original Turmeric Mala Rosary is considered as a healer and denotes auspiciousness. It is believed that turmeric is the best healer of so many diseases, namely digestive problems, pain in bones, kidney, liver problems, etc. The wearer of Turmeric Rosary will be surrounded by positive energy.


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Haldi Turmeric Beads Mala rosary is made of beads of Turmeric which is considered one of the most purifying herbs in Ayurvedic. It is used for recitation of Mantras during worshipping the ceremonies to attain success. Prosperity and wisdom. Turmeric, which is the best medicine for curing the pain in bones and skin, shows good results on your body. Most sadhanas, especially the Bagalmukhi Sadhana, can be attained only with a Haldi Mala. so buy Haldi Mala online From Future Point Astro shop to cure all your problems.


This rosary is specially used for chanting the Mantra of Bagalamukhi and planet Jupiter. Haldi Mala or Haldi Rosary gives you safety from malefic energy force, and you can win over the enemy and remains in the possession of positive vibes all around you. This rosary enhances the concentration power of the wearer. An individual is able to achieve the desired level of success in his/her pursuit. This adds more strength to your position in the professional field. You can Buy Haldi Mala online in India from Future Point to enjoy prosperity at all levels.

Process of wearing

1. Place the Mala in a bowl of clear water.

2. The wearer should sit in front of a holy place.

3. Then, Lit dhoop or incense sticks.

4. Recite the following mantra and put some Chandan on the Mala.

5. Then, wear it after reciting the Mantra with full devotion and concentration.


This rosary is used to pray Goddess Baglamukhi.

Most of your life’s problems can be resolved by chanting the following mantra on Thursday, 108 times with this rosary which helps in strengthening the planet Jupiter and removes its negative effects.


Benefits of Haldi Mala

  • Best Healer:- Haldi Mala has a lot of proven medicinal properties, that help in ailments like Cancer, bone problems, cough, and colds, increasing immunity and Jaundice.
  • Spreads Positivity:- It also has a positive effect on the state of mind, reduces stress and tensions regarding enemies, and clears all the negativity around the wearer.
  • Brings Success:- The Wearer is able to achieve the desired level of success and good luck in professional or in any other field.
  • Protector:- Haldi Mala protects the wearer from malefic energy force, and can win over the enemy and remains in the possession of positive vibes all around the native.
  • Increases Confidence:- This Mala is considered highly benefited in building confidence, knowledge, and intellect of the wearer.
  • Eradicate Differences:- It helps in meeting spiritual needs such as being successful in your ventures and to eradicate unnecessary differences among the family members of the wearer.
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Haldi Mala