Emerald Ring

Emerald Stone is a green colored “stone of successful love” which is regarded as a highly precious gemstone of the beryl mineral family. It is one of the most reputed gemstones in Vedic Astrology that is worn for success in business and jobs in the creative or intellectual pursuits of knowledge and seeking ventures. A stone of inspiration and infinite patience, compassion, and unconditional love, Emerald is worn for planet Mercury. Indian Astrology assigns Panna Ratna for MITHUN (Gemini) and KANYA(Virgo) Rashi. Western Astrology recommends Emerald Birthstone for Cancer.


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Emerald Ring weighs pretty much above every other quality factor. Natural Emeralds from Colombia are considered to be the finest color quality. An energized Emerald Stone Ring with bright-green color is highly rare and thus is exceptionally expensive. Wearing Emerald represents MERCURY PLANET. Vedic Astrology recommends wearing this gemstone to emerge out of negative influences caused by weaker mercury in ones Horoscope. It encourages growth, reflection, peace, and balance in life. It also represents Healing and Fertility.

Purpose of wearing Emerald Ring

Emerald Stone Ring is known for its spiritual power that brings good fortune and wisdom to the wearers.

The best time to wear Emerald Ring is considered to be Wednesday after sunrise. It must be worn in the ring finger or little finger of the working hand and spell “OM BUDHAYA NAMAH” for 108 times. For the best Astrological results, bright Green Emerald is recommended.


Emerald is also worn as a fashionable jewel stone. The Astrological significance that makes this gemstone popular is its close ties with planet Mercury. It is also known as Pachu stone, Markat Mani, Parnaya, and Budh Ratna.

  • Astrologers highly recommend wearing Panna for people working in finance, banking, sharing market, trading, etc because Mercury rules intelligence and Panna Ratan is trusted to improve wearer’s comprehension, reasoning, and memory skills.
  • Mercury is regarded as the Vaani-karaka in Vedic Astrology. People suffering from speech issues and low confidence can benefit from Panna and can perform better in their social and personal lives.
  • Panna benefits people working in PR, Media, Mass Communication-related roles the most.
  • Wearing PACHU stone benefits individuals suffering from ear, eye, and skin related ailments.
  • Panna as Rashi Ratan is also highly useful in treating certain allergies and nervous disorders.
  • Negative effects of nightmares and evil spirits are nullified by the use of Emerald stone.

PANNA GEMS SUBSTITUTE- Peridot gemstone and Green Tourmaline are the substitutes for an Emerald that are highly similar to it in terms of looks and the same benefits.

  • PERIDOT STONE is a gem like a member of the magnesium-rich silicate mineral family of olivine.
  • It’s the Greek word ‘FARIDAT’ which means ‘GEM’.
  • This precious stone reflects a green color like Emerald stone and often referred to as “The poor man’s emerald”.
  • TOURMALINE STONE word derived from the Sinhalese word,‘Thuramali’ represents a semi-precious crystalline boron silicate gemstone.
  • It is found in various colors like black, pink, violet, green.
  • It does not cost much like Emerald but provides the same looks and benefits.
  • NOTE: Before wearing any gemstone make sure that you consult an Astrologer and wear the stone according to your Horoscope for your own safety.

    DISCLAIMER: Future Point provides you 100% lab certified and genuine gemstones, therefore it is highly recommended that you consult an astrologer before buying a particular stone.

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Emerald Ring