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Cats Eye Ring

Cat’s eye Gemstone is a grounding stone that provides an immensely effective protective energy around the wearer of the stone. It also amplifies Good Luck and Fortune. It is also called a Future Predicting Gemstone. It can be the “third eye” to see through everything. It is an amulet that tells you a way to achieve success in life. Cat’s eye gemstone is a distinct gemstone due to its offbeat color in comparison to other stones. The second thing is this stone is associated with the shadow planet Ketu, however, in reality, the planet does not have any physical significance in the solar system.


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The quality of Cat’s Eye Gemstone is judged by the display of the chatoyancy effect. A cat’s eye is the band of light that runs lengthwise from one end of the stone to the other. Chatoyancy is caused by a parallel needle-like inclusion inside the gem. Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye Stone is considered to be the best Cat Eye gemstone. They possess special healing gifts. Also, cats are considered a good luck charm in many parts of the world because of purity and positivity.


This stone has the power to attract wealth. Also, it protects mental health, increases the power of intuition and brings good luck when worn in silver. It has healing properties which help attain a peaceful and calm balance in life.


Cat’s eye should be worn in the Middle finger or Ring finger of the working hand. Dip the ring into gangajal or cow milk at least 10 mins before wearing it. Wearing the Cat’s Eye Ring on Tuesday during the ascending moon cycle (Shukla Paksha) near the sunrise time is considered highly auspicious. Clean the stone with a soft polishing cloth and soapy water in order to take care of the stone.


Recite “AUM KETAVE NAMAH” mantra while wearing the ring for 108 times.

Benefits of wearing Cat’s eye ring

Most amazing Cat’s eye stone benefits that all must know of are:

  1. 1. One can get a great amount of consequently lost riches. It has the ability to restart a business that had been deteriorating because of bad times.
  2. 2. It helps in disconnecting from unfortunate materialistic or common connections.
  3. 3. The cat’s eye gemstone can ease mental uneasiness caused by the blankness of wants. It can break down anxiety.
  4. 4. It gives more prominent mindfulness and re-establish memory.
  5. 5. The Cat’s eye gemstone is accepted to work back the physical body that has been harmed by many things like unfortunate propensities, ailment, wretchedness and so forth.
  6. 6. The Cat’s eye gemstone is considered as an auspicious gem that can be worn to ward- off against cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

How to take proper care of Cat’s eye Gemstone

  • Avoid the usage of bleach and other harsh household cleaners.
  • Be sure to rinse your stones well to ensure all soap residues are removed.
  • Cat’s eye quartz can scratch softer materials, so store them separately from other gems, especially soft ones as pearl, turquoise or malachite.
  • While cleaning the stone you should carefully use a polishing cloth, soapy water and scrub it with a soft brush.
  • NOTE: Before wearing any gemstone, make sure that you consult an Astrologer to check if it’s compatible with your Horoscope.

    DISCLAIMER: Future Point provides 100% genuine and Lab Certified Gemstones. Therefore, before purchasing one you are recommended to go for an Astrologer’s consultation.

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Cats Eye Ring